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  1. Diablosport just changed from r22 to r23. Anyone know why - what are the changes? I am getting a little worried with all the updates lately.
  2. Firmware updates are a standard part of the evolution of any quality electronics device
  3. gp001 is absolutly correct. Consider the continual upgrades and updates a good thing. Most are improvements on specification programs. However, you are asking specific questions that would be best directed to DiabloSport at their Forum helpline. http://www.diablosport.com/faq/

    Or Nick here on the fourm can usually assist a bit (NickDiabloSport).

    Good Luck
  4. If it is a hardware update, that is okay.

    If it is a tune update well, that is not okay. If the tune is bang on, there should be no reason to update it. One of the reasons I dislike the predator. I am just wondering how many 05 mustangs are being crippled because of the earlier tunes? I personally know of one 05 GT with a steeda CAI and Predator that has a $2300.00 repair bill not covered by warranty.
  5. TGJ

    What if you didn't go with the Steeda programed tune, you went with your own tuner and used his program on the dynojet and have the latest predator updated program available for the 05?
  6. If the car is dyno-tuned it should be ok. I wouldn't mess with it and if updating the Diablo, ensure that it is a hardware update and not a tune update.

    From what I am seeing if the car is tuned on the Dyno, it doesn't really matter who( Diablo or SCT ) you go with. It is the Off the shelf or mail order Diablo tunes you have to worry about.
  7. Can you supply some more details? I have a Steeda CAI and I've had no issues with the CAI/91 Octane tune Steeda shipped with my Predator. Kind of a moot point right now, as I'm getting a custom tune done along with some mods, but I'd still like to know.

    ...and I would say that a tune update that makes the car more drivable and safe while adding a few hp is okay in my book.
  8. Everybody calm down. The r23 update adds support for the 2005 V6 mustangs.

    By the way, at least you can update your predator unlike SCT or Superchips microtuners where you have to send it back when ford does a reflash that they never tell the customer that they did and the customer cant use their tuner for 2+ months while they wait for it to be recalibrated.

    I know because it happened to me before I switched to Diablo for my work trucks
  9. Umm, First off, Ford does record this on the car. Every Ford that I have has a little sticker under the hood and they update that when a computer change is made.

    Second point, the SCT Excalibrator II does allow for Hardware updates.

    My cousin's sonic blue 05 Mustang GT went lean and blew the piston rings in the #3 cylinder. This was using the supplied Diablo tune and Steeda CAI. He didn't mess with the tune. When he had the car towed to a dealership, the predator tune and CAI was installed, Ford was able to point the finger at the mods causing the damage and my cousin ended up paying $2300.00 to have the car repaired.

    Well what does that tell you? The tune was not bang on. How much damage did the older tune do? See above...
  10. Lean with no CEL - interesting. Question - how does running lean only affect #3 cylinder? Sounds like good questions the dealer should have to answer.

    PS: here is Diablosport's official response about what is new in r23:
    "New calibrations to support updates from FORD & the addition of V6 applications".

    I guess V6 owners are impressed.
  11. Ummmm, I wouldn't jump to the conclusion that you did. I told briefly what happened.

    My cousin had the CAI and Predator installed for 3 weeks, no issue. One day decided to see what the car could do. During his test run, the Check Engine light came on and he pulled over. He noticed in his mirror that his car looked like it was smoking. He got out and checked. He noticed blue smoke coming from the exhaust. He called roadside assistance which sent a tow truck to have the car towed to the nearest Ford Dealership. Once the car was there, the mods were noted and it was pinpointed that the car was lean from some of the codes pulled.
  12. Well that is a little more of the story. Still haven't answered the most important question - how does running lean only affect #3 cylinder? While I'm not questioning you, I would ask some more questions of the Ford dealer.

    Consider this - the air fuel mixture is going to be the consistent to all 8 cylinders - possibly a coil on plug failed (TSB out on that) resulting in the fuel not being burned and the cylinder was "washed down" by fuel, or perhaps an injector failed - continually putting fuel into the #3 cylinder all the time. Both of those scenarios would result in a single cylinder failure with CEL. I'll bet Ford didn't offer to give you the rest of the codes that were in the PCM. Did anyone ask what codes were logged or active or better yet hook up the Predator and pull up the codes for themselves?

    Of course a dealership which is non-mod friendly is going to blame the tune and CAI. It is up to us to ask the right questions to find out the root cause of the failure. I doubt the CAI or tune was you root cause of the failure.
  13. I will let my cousin handle this, I don't know every detail into what happened with his car. There is a lot of reasons as to why the car could lose just 1 cylinder. I know enough about tuning to know that the CAI is not likely to blame but the tune could very likely be the cause of the failure. I am not saying that it but I wouldn't rule it out.
  14. ok, but if the dealer doesnt tell you they reflashed it then you wont be looking for a sticker under the hood. Ask the 6 liter Powerstroke guys about ford's "reflashes" that fixed one problem and created 3 others that they were not even complaining about.

    my experience with SCT and Superchips has been shall we say less than noteworthy, so I will never use a product from them ever again. bad customer service and inferior hardware are primary concerns.
  15. I would rule out a lean condition for a piston ring failure.

    pinging and valve damage could result but unlikely with a NA motor for that brief of a period. I bet your cousin is getting taken to the cleaners by the ford dealer. A ring issue is usually caused by pig rich mixture that washes the oil down the cylinder. I would do a cheap oil sample test and that will be put dealer back on its heels.

    It will help alot to determine what happened to your cousins motor. I have a feeling that the motor just failed and not the mods. A mild tune on a nearly stock car wouldnt not be able to cause that damage IMHO
  16. Good Post! It definitely sounds like the #3 cylinder was "Washed Down". I am very fortunate to work for an excellent dealership which works diligently to determine root causes of a failure - not to find an excuse not to provide warranty. The company I work for has it's own state of the art oil lab. I took an engine oil sample from my place of work to my dealer from the first oil change when my vehicle was new due to high silicone and got the "deer in the headlight" look.

    When discussing the warrantability of an issue with the dealer you need to have good facts to support your claim.
  17. Would you rather they leave a bad tune alone or fix it? I would prefer they fix it, and I don't see the fix as a bad thing.
  18. Let's see Windows 3.1, 95, 98, 98SE, ME, XP and soon to come Longhorn. Improvements are only natural in any industry and to be expected. That's why the tuner is updatable (believe that's a word). How is updating the software a problem?
  19. There are no bad calibrations released in any programmer, regardless of who makes it. Manufacturer's all test thoroughly, on the dyno as well as on the street, in all conditions, with expensive diagnostic equipment and air fuel meters.

    Now if your vehicle is set up with different aftermarket modifications, its impossible to check every possible combination of product and manufacturer, or the fuel your using is poor, or not what you think it is, trust me this happens more then you think. You must always consider the risk involved in making aftermarket changes and trying to make power.

    What this means is the end-user needs to pay attention, listen for detonation when pushing the vehicle, if there is detonation take your foot out of it. We provide the tools to deal with this in allowing end user adjustability, data monitoring and logging. If you need to change fuels or brand of fuel to address it then do that and test the vehicle. Some vehicles and aftermarket combinations may require custom calibrations, and you can contact a CMR tuning dealer for that.

    The bottom line is aftermarket parts or calibrations do not damage engines, detonation, among other things, damages engines. In almost all cases this damage can be prevented by simply taking your foot off the gas when the vehicle detonates, investigate why this condition exists and address it.

    All DiabloSport can do is test calibrations to insure safety, and make a product that gives the end-user the tools to deal with any possible issue they encounter in making aftermarket modifications to their vehicle.

    Nick Spinelli
    DiabloSport V.P Marketing
    [email protected]
  20. I have often wondered if the flexability of the Predator is also some user's/tuner's downfall - it is very easy to change parameters with the Predator and some users do not fully understand the affects those changes will have. That is another reason I don't make changes without consulting my tuner first.

    PS: Nick glad you are back to address questions & concerns