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  1. Sorry I forgot:

    Firmware update R23 was released to add newly released CALID from Ford, as well as to add the 2005 Mustang V6 and 2006 Mustang GT applications.

    FYI: Firmware update R22 was released to add new CALID as well.

    Ford releases new CALID updates on a regular basis, for many reasons, mostly emissions related, but it can vary. We review these updates and make new calibrations when needed.

    We also use firmware updates to add new Predator features and applications. We do this for free, and feel it is an important part of what makes our product unique and desirable.

    Others will copy DiabloSport, of course they strive to be just like us! :D

    Nick Spinelli
    DiabloSport V.P Marketing
  2. Sorry I have a new job now, I am no longer the Sales Manager, and have been getting settled in to my new position. I should be able to get back to monitoring the forums a little more now.

    Nick Spinelli
    DiabloSport V.P Marketing
    [email protected]
  3. Congrats, Nick!

    ...and thanks for the info.
  4. I have talked to my cousin regarding his car. He will be signing up at Stangnet to share what happened to his car in the very near future.

    The car had a very lean A/F ratio, at 4600 RPM it was 19.1 to 1 and got leaner as the RPM went up, as high as 23.3 to 1. Now as to why it went that lean, I am not going to guess.
  5. I somewhat agree, however it is the calibration that determines the A/F ratio. The A/F ratio and the grade and quality of fuel used can lead to detonation. Detonation leads to damaged engine.
  6. Manufacturer's all test thoroughly, on the dyno as well as on the street, in all conditions, with expensive diagnostic equipment and air fuel meters.

    Now if your vehicle is set up with different aftermarket modifications, its impossible to check every possible combination of product and manufacturer, or the fuel your using is poor, or not what you think it is, trust me this happens more then you think. You must always consider the risk involved in making aftermarket changes and trying to make power.

    Calibrations are always set up to run air fuel to a specific number, in the case of the 2005 GT the target number is 12.0-12.5, but you have to keep in mind different gauges can vary, we are using an expensive well maintained system built into our chassis dyno by the dyno manufacturer. We are in Florida, heat is always high, humidity as well, and dry clean air is dense and can effect air fuel.

    Different fuel, different conditions or combinations of aftermarket parts make for variables. The air fuel numbers your using are so far off the scale it does not surprise me there was a problem, but a DiabloSport calibration was not commanding that number, something else was creating this condition, and the best we can do is give you safe ranges of adjustability, the ability to add a custom tune, and attempt to educate the end user on what to do if these conditions exist.

    DiabloSport can not be there to monitor each vehicle, we do however supply you the end-user with the tools to do it, and try to educate people on how to deal with different situations.

    Nick Spinelli
    DiabloSport V.P Marketing
    [email protected]
  7. Don't forget about lying.
  8. :rolleyes:
  9. It's true. I never had any parts company lie to me like they did.
  10. What did they lie to you about? Be specific.
  11. I had a thread about it (of course like alot of things, got lost in the crash)

    I called up the tech support when I was at work about my car (98 GT) being totalled and if there's anyway I can reuse the predator in my new Cobra. They said yes and claimed they can switch it over to the new car with just the predator and having it reset. So they told me to call back when I have the car and the predator. I did and then they told me it's not possible and the only things I can do is just keep it as a code scanner or return it for a deposit on a new one.

    Specific enough?
  12. diablo sport said this, or the company that you purchased it from?
  13. This is all dealing with diablosport.
  14. I was just looking on DiabloSport's web site and it appears the 1998-2004 Mustang GT Predator is not the same as the 2003/2004 Cobra Predator. Is that perhaps why?

    I have never known anyone at DiabloSport to be anything but helpful, sincere and honest. I have been to their facility and met several representatives and all are top notch. I am sorry you had a bad experience.
  15. Yeah, you might have got screwed over if you were silly enough to leave your custom tune in the car when you drop it off at a dealer.

    But as for not having that problem with a predator, you are mistaken. If your custom tune gets flashed over while it is in the car, and all you have is the factory tune in the Pred, and factory tune in the car, you are screwed.

    Or so I've heard from a couple people. I have a pred myself, and am very careful with the tunes..
  16. Specific enough? Yes. clear enough, no.

    Did you have access to the totaled car? Was it working enough to return the stock tune to it (and basically reset the Predator)? Or, did you think they would reset the Predator (independant of the totaled 98) and basically give you a new Predator? Either way, I doubt they lied to you. It sounds like more of a misunderstading.
  17. I thought his cobra was a 98
  18. His post does not specifically state 1998 but his signature does. Either way DiabloSport's web site only lists a Predator for the 2003/2004 Cobra - not a 1998. The only Predator offered for the 1998 was for the "GT". Sounds like a misunderstanding.
  19. Everything was clear enough, the car was totalled beyond retreiving the program.

    I didn't assume, I went on what Diablosport told me in a 20 minute discussion. I told them my car was totalled beyond repair and could it be reused in my Cobra. The said yes.

    Telling me 2 different processes clearly means someone is lying.

    Unfortunaely this has happened before with other people.
  20. That's why I asked for specifics. You feel you were lied to, but I'm sure it was a misunderstanding/honest mistake. What would it benefit them to purposely lie to you about it? I think you are looking to crucify a manufacturer based on a misunderstanding. Your car was totaled with the tune married to it. You should have claimed the Predator on the insurance and bought a new one with the new car (just as any other mod). Claiming a manufacturer "lies" based on that scenario is a bit weak.