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  1. So do you think i ble wmy whole motor with a 75hp shot
  2. Nobody can do anything except speculate. It's possible you totally blew your engine and it's possible the problem is something very minor. The only way to find out for sure is take the car to someone who knows what they are doing and have it diagnosed. By the way, I totally blew my engine with an 80 shot, so it can happen.

  3. This is a good call!

    IJUSTWON, Start posting some answers.
    Do you have underdrive pullies? Has the crank pulley ever been off the vehicle? The missing bolt has prolly just backed it's way out if it was removed and reinstalled. And like Jim said, most likely has nothing to do with your current situation. What's curious to me is that you noticed this, but can't seem to describe the physical condition of the rest of the engine. :shrug: Things like; what did the plugs look like? Don't just say "they were bad". Describe them in detail.

    I don't get it, and I find it difficult to follow this thread with the lack of info from the author. No flame intended. We just need more info if we're gonna help you.
  4. Good thinking here. This makes sense to me. He says he hears a clicking when trying to start the car. When you're not getting power from your battery you hear a clicking when trying to start. The dead battery was my first thought when I read it, I just couldn't figure out what the loud pop would have to do with that.
  5. I noticed the bolt when missing when i dropped a wrench down my engine bay and then i noticed it wasnt there. When you say i may have cracked the battery or not getting power to the engine. But when i tried to turn the pulleys by hand they didnt move, and by the way the pulleys are factory and never been removed. If it was jus electrical would i be able to POP the clutch on a roll and it crank?? Im gonna take it to a shop as soon as i get a chance but im in the United States Marine Corps and dont get home to often to do that so its a ongoing process....... the plugs were Black and i thought if nitrous was sprayed and it f'd your plugs up they would be white?? I've looked all over my engine and can see NOTHIN visibly wrong, especially my intake if that had bllown up id def be able to see a whole, the motor also shot a small hose connected to the throttle body when the engine was trying to start, sounds like something to do with compression?? The heads should be fine tho right?? JimFitzgerald what exactly ahppend to your motor when you say you blew it up?
  6. Yes, if you were running lean, your plugs would be white. Try draining your oil. There may be some evidence there.
    I'm not sure, but isn't there a mega-fuse for the starting system? Check there also.
  7. do you have a T/A on your car? Mybe the bolt came off, since it wasnt torqued right and your T/a flew off... :shrug: ..or you just screwed yourself...no pun intended...
  8. Okay, I have a Nitrous Express kit (wet) on my car right now and have never had a problem with a 100 shot pilling, so I am not thinking the 75 shot could ever cause a problem. The only thing that comes to mind for me on this issue is that 1. Your solenoid got stuck open and just kept feeding nitrous in your motor and when you tried to start it detonated bad. 2. Your pilling is not what you think it is and you are spraying a much larger shot than you thought you where. But if you sprayed the car and let it sit and it sounded fine at idle the only thing that it could be is just a seeping of nitrous into the motor after it was off. (Some how :-/) In any event that really sucks man, hope everything works out for you.
  9. Mine blew with an 80 shot using a dry kit. I didn't get enough fuel and went lean in the #8 cylinder. The valve melted and a piece of metal broke off and scratched the cylinder.
  10. Who makes an 80 shot?
  11. Yes the car sounded fine at idle, and after i sprayed we drove for about 10 mins then let it sit ANOTHER 15 or so and everythign sounded fine. it couldnt have been shut off for more than 10 mins 15 AT MOST, so it couldnt have been that much NItrous that seeped through could it?? I jus dont see this ruining the whole motor?? Is there a good possibility that it is just electrical? But if it was jus electrical would i be able to POP the clutch from a roll and it crank?? Cuz i tried and it sounds liek the motor is just locked up, someone said it could have just been a lil nitrous holding my pistons down and not letting them move?
  12. Take it apart and look at it man. How the hell are we supposed to know what's wrong with it? The info you give us is half assed.
  13. Well, I thought about hydro-lock myself, but you said that you pulled the spark plugs, so I figured you would have noticed if that were the case.
  14. What exactly is hydro Lock?
  15. Usually, it's coolant in your cylinder(s). It can also be caused by fuel. In any case, it's fluid in the cylinder. Water, coolant, and fuel (in liquid form) do not compress. Turning over an engine in this case would most likely result in a bent rod.
  16. How would i be able to tell if this is what happend? Im takin the car to have it looke dat professionally today im jus tryin to get some insight on what i have ahead of me, any help is appreciated.
  17. Pull the plugs, and take a look inside the cylinder. Also, if it's N2O or gasoline, chances are you'll smell it in the oil. Drain the oil and check it out. Don't try to short cut this by simply checking your dipstick.
  18. Also if i ****ed up my internals i was told i could check my oil and run a magnet through it and see if there is any metal chips or debris in the oil, is this correct?
  19. Faced with the same circumstances I would:

    a. Replace the crank bolt.

    b. Remove plugs.

    c. Remove valve covers.

    d. Use a wrench on the crank bolt to manually rotate the engine while watching the cams operate.

    If the engine rotates smoothly with little resistance and the cams operate properly then chances are the engine is not blown. Do a compression check on all cylinders using the same technique to confirm that nothing is wrong. OTOH, if you can't rotate the engine easily or the cams fail to move then you've got some big problems.
  20. I think he already mentioned that he cannot turn the engine over, even with a push start.