Brakes Distribution Block & Proportioning Valve 67 Gta

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  1. Hello peoples. Can anyone tell me what a original proportioning valve looked like on a gt v8 car with power discs in front.. I see in some of the parts catalogs when ordering front or rear brake lines that late 67 had a pv in front near the distribution block. Than I see some rear lines that state with pv in rear of car for 67. Does anyone know where I can see a diagram showing the locations etc. I am replzcing my lines and brakes and the lines I had in the front by the master looked like a bowl spaghetti. where did the rear pv get mounted and what did it look like. Thanks I hope some of you garus can shine some light on it for me. Thanks in advance.
  2. The distribution block was the same whether the proportioning valve was at the front or rear. The valve was a small brass cylinder in either case. The rear-mounted valve was simply spliced into the line a few inches from the body bracket for the rear hose.

  3. Thanks a lot. Do you know where you can get one of these? I haven't seen them anywhere. Was it adjustable or just a preset?
  4. They were preset. They turn up on ebay all the time. They can be rebuilt, too.
  5. you can get an after market from Wilwood and it seems like i saw them at Summit
  6. If you are looking for a stock replacement part for a restoration, they have proven to be expensive in my experience. However, any newer, one piece block will work with minor plumbing changes.