do a favor for a future mustang owner? PLEASE STANGNET!

Discussion in '1979 - 1995 (Fox, SN95.0, & 2.3L) -General/Talk-' started by ryan218, Oct 25, 2006.

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  1. Banning is a little rash, he hasn't broken the rules.

  2. these are all damn good examples, Mr. Rigamaroles.
    And I am with woodrow. I dont have much money but, do you accept MO's?:)
  3. tell you what.

    paypal me 20.00 bucks and im gone for a month. :shrug:
  4. haha paypal him 20 bucks and in 2 days he'll be asking us all what kind of junkyard garbage he should buy with the 20 bucks. in reality what he should do is pay the junkyard the 20 bucks to pick up his 6banger baby poop brown vert out of his parents driveway. i think theyd be happy about that too lol j/k
  5. nah. it would go into my engine swap budget for down the road. :D
  6. get a job at a gas station ryan i promise you the engine swap fund will see increased growth way faster! lol
  7. lol yeah. but gas station's dont hire at my age.

    i sent a application to a pizza shop, i will see what they say soon.

  8. are 6th graders even allowed to have paypal accounts?

  9. your a dumb ass.

    i would be 11 if i was in 6th grade.
  10. fixed:) btw your supposed to capitalize pronouns

  11. :scratch: whatever you say......
  12. f is for english.
  13. Exactly... Ryan get a mod to set it up that you will have a vaction and I will do it. Although I would rather the money go to benefit stangnet, whatever works.
  14. well he can still browse...
  15. I want in on this action..
  16. on the ryan paypal ban? you can be the treasurer:)
  17. Alright, give the kid a break, now you guys are just being ass spelunkers, it was funny at first, at least wait until he says something crazy before you rip on him, and the pay pal ban thing is just a little ****ty IMO, what better way to make him feel bad about himself?
  18. I could of called him Fat ass but i diddnt.
  19. Indeed, I really didn't rip on him. It just gets old seeing his pointless ramblings on every thread. He doesn’t have to respond on every topic that’s posted, this isn’t a ******* chat room. I would just be happy if he used some common sense, and with held the urge to hit the submit button every 5 seconds. His posts spread like cancer through stang net, and its time for some kemo.
Thread Status:
Not open for further replies.