do a favor for a future mustang owner? PLEASE STANGNET!

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  1. OMG THIS is crazy!!! HAHAHAHA
  2. i agree for the most part. but i also feel bad sometimes cause he is jus a kid and wants to make friends with other guys that have cars that he likes. he jus needs to learn to filter at least half of what he says and think about things before he posts. cuttin back on the demands too would be nice. its jus when u get threads like the 4 cyl fox vert and his constant photochop requests for his car and then the junkyard shtuff it gets really annoying. car guys rip on each other, thats the nature of the hobby. il rip on him and have no intentions of stopping but the minute it starts to get personal is when i call it quits. its gotta be in good fun, i wont ever make fun of him in a way that knocks the kids charachter, his family etc. i really feel theres a huge difference between breaking balls and jus flat out being mean. this kid has a pretty thick skin too, ill definitely give him props for that.
  3. Lol, leave the kid alone. He's trying i'll give him credit.

  4. well no offence, but it is guys like you that make his threads multiple pages long. hell, if you don't like his posts, then don't read them, nobody is holding a gun to your head, so why even bother with him if your so fustrated with the **** he posts... not trying to be a dick-cheetah, but it's just an observation i've made.
  5. ...and thus ends the thread that runs to cross the civility border into mexico.

    Poking fun or ribbing another SN member in the spirit of good fun is one thing. This particular fun has crossed the line into becoming mean spirited, so let's end it before it spins out of control.


Thread Status:
Not open for further replies.