Does my 95 GT have traction control?

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  1. I was wondering how I could tell if my 95 GT has traction control? My VIN number is wrong (it corresponds to a V6 car, but this is not a saleen), and I have no door tag.
    Is there something I could look for perhaps near the rear diff that would tell me? Or is there maybe something related to the ABS that would tell me?
    I noticed in the Haynes manual a mention that if the ABS light is on (mine has been for over a year... but thats another story) that "traction control (if so equipped) is disabled". How then can I tell if I have it? FWIW, I think this car was reconstructed, so I probably need to be able to find some piece of hardware to really confirm this.

    And for those against traction control for horsepower, speed, or racing reasons - I don't race. And I am preparing for a snowy winter here in central new york :)
  2. I doubt your car has traction control. I dont think that came till later model years.
  3. That could make sense. I got the line about traction control being disabled when the ABS light is on from my Haynes manual. The manual is for 94-98 mustangs, so perhaps traction control was added in 96?
  4. Only your right foot as far as I know :shrug:

  5. Why is your VIN wrong. That could be a prob when and if you try to sell her.
  6. If its a GT it should have a traction-lok differential. If its got some mismatching numbers, you can't be sure unless you crack the cover off. I personally would park on a steep hill, cut the front wheels to one side and punch it. If one tire squeals, it's a open diff or the trac-lok is worn and if it spins both tires and violently whips around in the opposite direction, you have a limited slip rearend. Hope that helps. 94 and 95 GT's have the trac-loc standard.
  7. To my knowledge, traction control wasn't added as an option until '99. The mismatched VIN says it was a V8 swap car to me. I'd get a Carfax or something and see what it has to say about the car.
  8. FWIW, I think my Haynes for the 94 covers a bunch of years (going well into OBD-II cars) so that may be the reason for the Traction control mentioning. Just like how the book for the aero fox mentions junk for carbed stangs (pre 86) even though it does not apply to mine (EFI).

    Many traction control fords have a button in the glove box to turn it off - you would probably have a button if you had it in the first place.

    Good luck.
  9. ^ thats what im wondering? I would guess it must have been a v8 swap :shrug: ..are do all the tags have the same vin? Maybe the one tag is just misprinted or taken off a junked v6 :shrug:?
  10. What is the letter after the body code??? That is the letter that tells you what motor you have.

    Mine is a 45 b/c I have a GT vert. V6 vert is a 44, gt coupe is a 43 I believe, and coupe v6 is a 42.

    Engine code is D for a cobra, T for a V8. Can't remember the cobra R's and the 6'ers code.
  11. Ya, the Haynes manual actually goes all the way up to 2004.
    I think that traction control was still a pretty new idea in 1994, if it was out much at all.

    I did a quick run through and it looks like the first year for traction control was 2004 (at least for GT's, I didn't look for Cobras).
  12. Traction control was not an option untill '99 as far as I know, and a traction lock (limited slip differential) has nothing to do with traction control, thats something completely different.
  13. What kind of badging does it have? Have a rear spoiler? Does it have fog lights? Granted , all these things can be changed ..... but it can help indicate if it was a V6 car.

    Also, I don't know if our cars are like this (I'm too lazy to go check), but I know Ranger's have a tag on the pumpkin that tells you the gear size & whether or not it is limited slip. (Example: my Splash has a tag on the pumpkin that reads "4.10 LSD" .... which indicates a factory 4.10 gear and a limited-slip differential.) My old XLT's tag just read "3.55" ..... so it did not have a LSD.
  14. I'm really pretty sure that there's no traction control. I think it started in '99. Just ABS.
  15. Okay ... I just noticed that. Were you talking about "traction control" or "Traction-Loc" (LSD)? Yeah, traction control came later on down the line.
  16. Ok, thanks for the information. I think my car does have the limited slip differential, based on how it did in the snow last winter. My previous mustang did not have the limited slip, and would be a one-wheel wonder in the slightest of snowfalls. This one really gets around pretty well as long as the snow isn't too deep. As for the question about the VIN number, I had the VIN for the car before I bought it, I decoded it and found it corresponded to a V6 car. I pointed it out to the seller (a private party) and got him to knock down the price because of it. He had some odd story about why it was as it was, and I think it was BS. The title was clear, though, so that was good enough for me. The car does seem to have most, if not all, of the GT parts - fog lights, 16" wheels, dual exhaust, rear spoiler. But of course it wouldn't be brain surgery to put those onto a car that started as a V6. Someone here did do a carfax on it for me some time ago, and it was bad news. But the car seems fine by my inspection, and my body guy looked it over as well. He said the car was repainted at some time but he didn't see any evidence of damage to it. (it was repainted to the ford dark green, from what color we don't know)

    Also, there is no door tag. It seems that it is gone entirely, not just painted over by some idiot.

    I of course realize that this is all detrimental to any resale value I might hope to get out of this car. I took that into consideration when I bought it. I am planning to keep the car running for about 5 years while I finish grad school, and then hopefully buy a 2005. At that point, I wouldn't expect a 95 gt to have much resale value, anyways.
  17. It could be a GTS, a v6 car that came factory with the v8, sort of like the LX 5.0 of the fox bodies, check out hillies site

  18. I suppose it could be a GTS ..... but the VIN he has turns out to be a V6 car. The VIN on a GTS will still say it's a V8 car.

    My guess would be that it was originally a GT or GTS ..... but somewhere down the line someone changed the VIN out ..... for whatever reason. Maybe they wanted cheaper insurance? :shrug:
  19. Yep, I think GTS show up as GT's in searches (dont they?). And the notch (not an LX) is the fox stripper (best for dragging). LX is in the middle (GT is heaviest).