Door Rain Channel Weather Striping Question.

Discussion in 'Classic Mustang Specific Tech' started by spirockp, May 2, 2013.

  1. Ok, so I am currently redoing the entire interior in my 66 Mustang...

    I forgot to take pictures of exactly how the weather stripping goes by the roof rain drip rail. The weather stripping has a metal tab that gets screwed in and I believe it goes in the front, but the screw holes are not matching up. Can anyone please a picture of theirs? here's what mine looks like.


  2. Your picture of the weather seal is correctly installed. The metal screw tab is located at the front closest to the windscreen. Note there is some play with these seals especially when new and you need to be careful not too over stretch them when installing otherwise you may find it appears too long and the metal clip screw tab does not line up ? I'm not home at present by will take a pic & send it over the weekend.jake
  3. Jake, thanks for the reply. For test fitting purposes I'll back the old weatherstripping and see how that lines up.
  4. No probs, I first couple of times I fitted those weatherstrips they ended up about 1-2inches too long because I stretched them in the fitting process. I the refitted them and was careful to NOT stretch them and they eventually fitted perfect and lined up perfectly! If you decide to glue them, my tip is fit first, make sure it's lined up perfectly and then glue!