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  1. the door id tag on my boss is damaged beyond repair, can i get a repro from somewhere? how do i find out all of the correct information that belongs on it? i already know some of the info from other plates etc. i know the vin, body, col, trim, but i don't know where else to find proper axle, trans, or dso. i am taking the rug and deadner out after Christmas, maybe the build sheet will be there, probably not though. if it were, would this have these #'s?

  2. try i think they can make a plate for you. If not try Marti Autoworks. There are sources that would have the codes, ie 4 speed trans could be a number 1 on the plate. Just plug in what your car has and it should come up with the codes. If not, tell me your setup and I will look it up for you in my Mustang guide.
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    and where else on the vehicle might i find the dso? and while i could easily find out what tranny and rear i have, and then code them using books i have and come up w/ the numbers, this would not be verifying what actually belongs in the car. where might i find that info if the door ID is unreadable?
  4. Marti has all the door tag info and reproduces them, of course there is fee.. He does both the sticker door tags and the metal ones.. I have an extra one that is mounted in a display for the car... he does nice work!