dyno'd my 97 cobra

Discussion in 'SVT Tech Forum' started by lang williams, Jun 25, 2010.

  1. I picked up a 97 cobra last year, then last fall I picked up a used KB 1.5 for it. It has a safe custom tune, kenne bell with 5/6 lb pully, 42 lb injectors, lightning maf, jlt cai, stock TB, stock exhaust except flowmasters welded in. But down 301 HP an 279 tq. I had to run it with out much cool down time. I got there about an hour before closing. Any guess what a o/r x pipe an larger tb might do?
  2. The stock cats are probably stopped up. My 97 made 282 to the wheels with a tune and a off road x-pipe.
  3. WOW, I have an o/r X in the garage but I'm waiting until after I e check it this fall to put it on. This was a mustang dyno btw. The owner was into mustangs big time an said norm they are in the 240-250 range stock.
  4. not bad #s for a Mustang dyno and that setup....IMO, a Dynojet would yield around 330 rwhp, and those cats are def a restriction for you....throw that off-road pipe on and perhaps a larger throttle body and get a great tune, and you will def see some power gains
  5. Your stock mid pipe is killing you! I am thinking at least 40rwhp if you change mid pipe and t-body and a more aggressive tune.
  6. Many people don't realize that in a blown car, exhaust restriction is a non-issue.
    The blower will simply force the air through whatever so called resriction exists.
    Please continue.
  7. I may get to test that. I hope to change out the stock 4 cat h pipe to the bassani o/r X pipe I have. If I do get another pull after that I'll post it up. It won't be exact since the weather will be different. It was in the mid or upper 80's the day I went.
  8. Hogwash. Throw a potato on your exhaust pipe and see what the restriction does. If your corking the amount of air that's coming out, you'll be limiting the amount of air that is able to go in.
  9. ^ yep open her up and the hp will come > do long tube's and a cat-less x-pipe and you'll smile > warning long-tubes are a B_I_T_C_H to put on a cobra
  10. I may put some hi flow cats on that x pipe an install it. I'll prob stick with the stock manifolds though.
  11. I think any car will benefit from greater exhaust flow.
  12. Forced induction needs to Breeeeeeathe! No or hi-flo cats, and staright thru mufflers..
    Since your KB kit is not intercooled, look into meth inj. and a smaller pulley..