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  1. We are having an end of the year 2005 -2011 Mustang GT and 2007-2011 GT-500 Super Charger special. All 475HP auto, and 550HP manual black wrinkle finish kits and black wrinkle finish SVT Mustang kits are on special over our already low low prices. Not a sale of left overs ALL FRPP black wrinkle kits on sale!! FREE ground shipping to 48 contiguous states.

    2011 Mustang GT 624HP kit $6939.99
    07-10 GT-500 SC 2.9L upgrade without calibration kit $4,139.99

    Click here for all specials

    Can't gaurantee delivery before Christmas with free ground. FRPP kits are special order and take 7-10 business days to make and ship.
  2. How about you GIVE me one and I will put some decals on the car or give you my first born child? :shrug: I wish I could afford it!
  3. Does have your first born have a strong back? We get the shop really messy by the end of the day! :p
  4. I'm sure I could arrange that :rlaugh: If not; I am possibly willing to ship the GF off as well :shrug:

    Keep up the good work and specials Sparta :nice: