Fuel Estimated Horsepower Ratings

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  1. I'm looking at these 46lb fuel injectors from LatemodelResto. It says you get lower HP with forced air induction with these injectors than naturally aspirated. How is that? I thought my SC was a GOOD thing??? Help me understand this please...

    Naturally Aspirated Applications: 639HP @ 85% Duty Cycle
    Forced-Induction Applications: 492HP @ 85% Duty Cycle
  2. Because forced induction your adding more air above the 14.7 psia reading so more air requires more fuel
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  4. Mike is right on target here. Any forced induction car is going to require more fuel at the same given load. As boost pressure rises so does typically your fuel pressure and fuel consumption. You need to compensate for all of the additional air flow through the motor with additional fuel. You will also see fuel pumps rated this way. For example you may see a pump rated to 1,000 hp N/a but that same pump will only support 600 hp with forced induction.