Excessive Play In My Steering Wheel


Sep 14, 2015
Hey guys. I'm trying to figure out how to fix the play in my steering wheel. I can move itt about an inch or so in both directions before it actually does anything. I know the problem is in the steering column itself because I converted my car to a manual rack and replaced the crappy rag joint steering shaft with a solid one. It seems the play is comming somewhere right behind the wheel. I can reach under my dash grab the column shaft and move the steering wheel back and fourth without moving the column shaft at all. Is there anyway to fix this or do j need a new column?
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Mod Dude
Feb 18, 2001
Three possibly causes.

#1, pull the horn cover and check the steering wheel bolt to column. See if it's tight, see if the slop is located here.

#2, the steering column under the dash is collapsible. Possibly the slop could be due to a loose interface, but doubtful.

#3, the pinch bolt just inside the firewall. Needs to be very tight, or you get slop.

It could also be the rag joint, but you replaced the shaft with a solid shaft. I would suspect #3 in this case as youbreally need to get the pinch bolt tight.