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  1. did saleen produce any extreme rainbow 99up s281s? i was just curious how many and did BASF make the paint like the mystic. is it possible to buy a new s281 and have it sent to saleen for the paint job? anyone got pics?
  2. There is a 03 Saleen Cobra that was painted in Extreme.

    If you want one you have to order it that way.
  3. Saleen has made several cars with their "Extreme" paint option. It is an $11,500 option that can be had on any new Saleen that is ordered. (Stang, Focus, T-Bird, S7)

    The "color shift" is MUCH better than the Ford "Mystic" that was found on the 1996 Cobras. That color was a "cheapend" color shift from the BASF Poster Saleen 95-10. It wore a $15k custom BASF color.

    Total production is about a dozen 99+ cars, I do not have the exact numbers handy.
  4. soooooo... if i were to get my hands on an 01 s281 cobra and wanted it painted that color $11,500 is the price tag and i have to send it to saleen to have that done?
  5. nope, you can't send a car already built and have it repainted, you have to order a new car from a Saleen dealer in Extreme Rainbow.
  6. :( damn, itll be 2006 before id have the $$ guess ill just have to wait for one of them to go up for sale :shrug:
  7. so you can you buy the paint from saleen? what color is this then?

  8. You probably don't want Saleen to paint anything that you want to look good and stay that way.
  9. how else would u get that color w/o them painting it?

    ok... question: i order a 2004 S281-E in rainbow extreme and two years from now someone keys the **** out of it; who repaints it?
  10. Scott.... why the hell you worried about it? Just be happy with what you got!! :) Ther is a 2001 S281 (i think that is the year) with the rainbow paint in dover. I have seen her a couple times, i heard she cant drive worth **** though.

    If it had to be repaired then who ever is painting it would have to contact saleen and have them ship some out... there is a way to get it repaired. It would just take forever to get it done.

    Why are you asking anyway?

    You probably read your IM i sent you... but just in case... i got the DSL hooked up in my room now. Ill be on more often, talk to you later.

  11. mostly just curious, i think itd be cool to have one when i could afford it if i had a bunch of $$ to blow on a car (if that ever happens)
  12. The basic problem with any of the color-changing paints is you cannot simply touch up a scratch or chip. You have to repaint the entire panel. I just went through this on my wife's chevy van that has chromalusion stripes.

    You cannot send a car to Saleen to have it painted. You would need to order a new Saleen in the extreme rainbow. I was considering trying to get a mystic-chrome 04 Cobra convertible and have it made into a Saleen Cobra. The thought of Saleen trying to handle the paint changed my mind very quickly. They can't match the paint on the cars they are selling now, never mind something as complicated as the mystic-chrome. You don't have the paint match issue with the Rainbow Extreme since they paint the entire car. I really wonder how you would ever be able to get a scratch or any paint damage repaired??? :confused:
  13. well by the time id want to order it would be well after the new body style is out and i want a sn99 style saleen in that paint, so i suppose id have to buy one of the 12 that are out there. i just dont understand why i couldnt order the paint and have someone over on this side of the US do it. that car above looks to have a similar paint, i dont know if its exact. but if i had a extreme rainbow and it got crashed who fixes it?
  14. a friend of mine recently purchased a saleen/cobra with the extream raintbow paint, you can see on the sticker 11,500
    no one belives him that its a real saleen, because of all the cobra options, the only things that are saleen are the body kit badges, and where steve signed on the driver air bag, it has a number infront of the shifter but no one belives him, reciently on mustang mounthly i was reading that saleen only produced 10 dohc cobra/saleen's in 2003 does any one know if this thing is real, i havent seen the cert but i never asked him, the window sticker does say saleen ill try and get a copy, just wondering if these facts are true?
  15. How dare you tell us about your friends purchase and then not share any pictures :mad: :D Actually there is a phone number you can call and talk to Liz. As long as you have the vin number she can look it up and tell you. BUT i dont know what that phone number is. Do a search in this saleen forum, the phone number has been posted a couple of times.

    *chanting* PICS.... PICS.... PICS :banana:
  16. sweet im gonna need that number, got some questions about my saleen i just bought got an 281 sc, ill try and get some pic from him its in storage right now, no one belives him so im trying to get him some proof
  17. Well if he has the window sticker... i dont see where they have room to argue :shrug: And the fact that nobodby BUT saleen has the rights to that Rainbow paint :shrug: Or the fact that you cant get the saleen plates (ones located in engine bay and in front of shifter) unless you have a real saleen :shrug:
  18. absoutly true, its a nasty car
  19. Where do you live?
  20. mass

    i live in massachusetts