Fatality Accident

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  1. Here is an article of a fatality accident that happened in a small town in Southern Illinois. Looks to be the same year, color, body style as my Stang. Which makes it even more scary to me.
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    Williamson County Deputy Sheriff Scott McCabe takes a photo of the automobile crash Friday that resulted in a fatality on Fowler

    Motorist killed in Whiteash accident
    By Codell Rodriguez, The Southern
    Friday, July 11, 2008 11:13 PM CDT

    WHITEASH - A driver was killed in an accident Friday afternoon on Fowler School Road about half a mile east of Old Frankfort Road.

    Williamson County sheriff's deputies were sent to the scene at 4:32 p.m., according to a news release from the department.

    Preliminary investigation shows the car left the road and hit several trees. The car, pulled from a wooded area, was crushed beyond recognition.

    Bystanders said they did not know the identity of anyone in the car, but some said they believed there was more than one person in the car when it crashed.

    The name of the driver was not released Friday night.

    Williamson County Coroner Mike "Junior" Burke was not available. Deputy Coroner Tony Fleege said the family had been notified and funeral arrangements are pending.

    However, he declined to release the driver's name.

    Fleege said he could verify one young man was killed in the accident, and two passengers were taken to area hospitals

    The accident is being investigated by Williamson County sheriff's and coroner's personnel. Johnston City police, as well as Johnston City and Pittsburg firefighters, assisted.
  2. That's really sad. :(