F'd with by Ricers

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  1. Ok this is both good and bad.

    so im cruisin the mean streets of orland last friday night. many ricers out as usual. so theres this on late 90's white eclipse that i believe is turbo'd and hes like prob 17 year old kid. and he always gives me looks on the streets when we cruise. a few weeks back at a light hes like you wanna go and revs. now these are suburban streets filled with people and cops. and this kid will race anyone on em. hes a retard needless to say. so we see him again and this time hes cruisin with 2 mid 90's fartcanned civics. and were rollin along me and a friend and i drive conservatively cuz im gonna have to have this stang another 3 years and i just passed 100k. so i dont need to blow a head gasket or anything. i have a small ford racing sticker on my back window. thats bout it. so were goin down the street and here comes his gang and we get to this 45mph stretch and the kid gets next to me and starts gasin and breaking then just guns it for like 20 feet then brakes. i get to the light where it drops to 35 and just shake my head. so were rollin down the street at 40 mph and him and his gang just fly past me in the right lane. no biggie typical ricer retards. then this mid 90's grand prix is along side me filled with like 16 year old kids and the drivers like you should go race those ***s. im like nah man. hes like you wanna **** with them? i can cut em off or somethin if you want? i just look at the kid like uh sure. so they turn right at the next street as do i. the kid in the grand prix overshoots the street and u turns and comes back behind me. so these tools in the ricers and goin down the street at 40 mph in a 35 and me and the grand prix get in front of them and stay side by side and do bout 30-35. around the speed limit but its not that big of a deal. suddenly we hear the fart can explode and this douche in the civic goes into oncoming traffic (no cars at the time) and passes me and then his friend does the same so the grand prix guns it to chase em down and the white civic flys after it and gets around it. so these kids are goin like 60-70 in a 35 going uphill. suddenly the civics fly back into our lanes across the median and almost lose control. rocks and dust from the median are flyin up and the 3 ricers almost crash into eachother. so we get up to the light and the kids in the grandprix tell the kid in the civic that my stang will kick their rice burnin asses. and that they'd put money on it. i find it hilarious. i finally got some credit for my car even thou its bull****. the eclipse would hand me my ass turbo or not. but you people had to see these kid all almost slam into each other at 70 mph . i thought i was gonna witness a pile up. typical ****in ricers.
  2. Damn, punctuation? lol, j/k. Cool story. It further proves the total stupidity of the import world. Driving into oncoming traffic at 70mph, sliding over medians, ricer fly-bys, etc. Man, this world is falling apart.
  3. lol
    Hey if its a non turbo auto you have a chance against that eclipse!
    Just shut down early. The non turbo models still have 130-160hp depending on year and model. Watch out for the non turbo 160hp 5 spds. they are quicker than one would think!
    As for the rest of the ricers... I have only lost to civic si's and pretty well modified base model civics in my mustang 2.3..... HX's DX's and LX's go down! lol As for the mileage my motor is at basically 130,xxx and still runs good but I am pulling it for a turbo motor. Good story about the ricers though. lol
  4. my 2.3 never beat any civics but the 5ohh brings them down without trying even the migthy 03 si lol i miss my 2.3 thougth (still have it) its just sitting rusting away i think im gana strip it and fix it up.
  5. 03 si's with the K20a are just pathetic.... first off they look like eggs... 2nd they are slower than the previous generation of si's 3rd... they are ugly. 4th they are slow 5th they are ugly.....
  6. I see this quite a lot at my work. Honda Civic with a body kit, lowerd to the ground, fart can and the biggest rims the guy can afford. Not to mention all the stickers on there for stuff he dosent even own, or probably dosent even know what they are, to try and say that his car is the fastest. I pop the hood, Bone stock, non vetec, auto tranie. I just laugh as I contemplate dragging it onto some rail road tracks nere my work.
  7. a common story sadly. kit, rims, wing reving loud exhaust on whoever they want. Those aren't the bastards you have to worry about, its the ones that don't have shlT on them as in kits, big wheels and wings, cuz the work is actually under the hood and usually those aren't the cocky ones revving on whoever they like. The line between 'ricer' and the respectful one gets more distinguished as the times pass.

    great story though
  8. My brothers friend (his name is Quang) has a eclipse turbo but he doesnt want to race my other brothers 5.0
  9. One of the guys that works in the Machenic shop at my work bulds up the "Tuning" cars from bare empty shels. And I meen Empty, no seats, sometimes no doors or fenders, no motor or tranie, you get the idea. Hes pretty cool, when I told him my stang had a 2.3 N/A he said "Hey its a Mustang." I've seen some of the cars hes bult, they look actually pretty sweet, and run FAST too....
  10. I put down my car alot, but it gets the job done, off the line its never lost, once it shifts to second V8's and some turbos blow past it, but the V6's and most ricers are still playin catch-up. (ya i race 5.0 mustangs lol)... I love beating ricers, there 15,000+ cars losing to a 350 dollar mustang. Beat a '98 integra with a full body kit and 18" rims, along with a few mod's under the hood (including NOS - 25hp shot... real useful s**thead) That was fun, my best friend has a 98 civic with a fartcan exhaust and intake and tinted windows etc. beat him too, but at least he's not a cocky lil prick (well actually he is, just not around me). I've lost to a 93 Scoupe Turbo, 86 Vette (duh), 89 Mustang 5.0 (duh, the guy looked like he was 12, probably stole his dads car, i raced him just so he'd stop swerving and revving, ruining a good stang), 2000 Expedition, 96 Dodge Ram, 95 Sierra, 1988 Tercel (just jokin... i'd kill myself)

    Awesome story, hopefully those ricers will learn there lesson one of these days, when theres a big pileup and there 10,000+ cars are totalled and their friends and innocent ppl are all hurt... Its sad, but its probably the only way they'll learn.
  11. My dad has a 77 vette with an automatic with like 210HP and i tell him when i get a stang we could race. :banana:
  12. Stupied f***en ricers they think there so bad in there lil POS hondaz. :lol: They alwayz trying to race ppl they have no chance with. There a waste of time in my opinion.
  13. hate to go off subject here, but have you ever seen the 2.0 Escorts ?? I was surprised. My G/F Has a 99 SE, It's not even the sporty ZX2, anyways, it's the 2.0 Split port 5-speed.... That thing scoots ! She hands my ass to me in my ranger, and when I had my mustang every time. When I drive it, ((I'm sure you guys know it's front drive)) leaving a light normally, even when it's mostly dry out, and in the low rpm's, you punch it, it gets some tire spin. Whenever they spin, they always both spin. We drove to busch gardens with it, and I messed with a couple people on the road with it, I kept screwing with this v6 Mustang, and he couldnt keep up, ((She was sleeping)) every time we would somehow come across each other, he would look over ((He was cool about it)) and we'd go, and i'd just keep pullin away.... Her car is sooo slow looking, I would love to sleeper the hell out of that thing. Just some small turbo or something, find the quietest performance exhaust and intake I can find, and than take it out. Just thought I'd add, if anyone gets a chance to drive one, you'll know what I'm talking about. And it gets INCREDIBLE gas mileage.
  14. Nice story although I don't put all the blame on the ricers. Antagonizing the little kiddies doesn't help. :)

    When I get something worth racing and a kid pulls up next to me and wants to run I sure as hell am not gonna do anything to fulfill their Fast and Furious dreams. I don't want the broken twisted car and smashed up body of a 17 year old punk on my conscious because I endulged him in a race.
  15. That is basically my cousin, lol, no kit, wing or rims, but under his DX hood is a 93 Integra engine, custom header, Ram Air Intake, and front to back custom exhaust, giving that tiny piece of crap car an advantage, apparently letting him run high 12's.
  16. Timeslip? I doubt it's running 12's.
  17. I'm not going to especially bash on ricers because I've seen rich 16yr olds in 2003 Gt's swerving in and out of traffic, hell I was hit by a kid in a new GT back in 92-93 standing on a corner.

    It's just kids acting stupid because that's what they do, especially the kids so desperate to fit in that jump on the latest fad like this. I have a friend that has changed his look from cowboy, to rapper (circa 1991), to Grunge, to gay, to prep (kind of the same the last two) back to rapper, correction thug. Somepeople just identify so much with what the media says is cool.

    My friend and I just built a 82 Caravan with a 2.2 Mopar Gen III turbo motor. We took it to a import drag night becuase we had a 4 so we were allowed in (I guess that makes a car an import, well some of the parts were mitsu). The cars interior consisted on 2 seats (1 removed for racing), a tach, boost gauge and speedometer period, and all unnecessary weight was "carefully" removed with a sawzall and hammer. 90-95% of the crowd was the fast & furious bunch badmouthing our "weakass soccermobile" and running about 16-18 second 1/4's even after we did a 13.8 1/4 they called us cheaters for using nawz (which we didn't), and pretty much said our 600$(USD About) rusthole induction drag car was $****ty looking and didn't belong there, which confused me becuase I didn't know a drag strip was a show and shine first and a race second. But they're was that 5-10% who came over and said that the minivan 1/4 mile was the coolest/funniest thing they'd seen all night and took a genuine interest in what was done, that crowd had well engineered, well thought out cars that ran pretty consistent 12-15's which isn't bad at all. Most of those guys were a little bit older (later 20's early 30's) and had been into import racing for a while and hated f&f crowd more then anyone else I've ever met becuase it gave them a bad name.
  18. I got smoked by a Focus SVT,nice car!
  19. civic hatin"

    At the light turning right behind a civic Si.same car in the f and f movie.
    my ex girlfriend and her new boyfriend are in the civic so i jump to the left lane and slowly pass them, then he guns it.
    so i floor it and smoke him hard, as i pass him with a peace sign and the sound of prochamberin their face.
    damn it feels good.
  20. Ricers are b far the worst, especially the new teen breed. It sucks sometimes driving to scholl everyday (I'm 17) and everybody messing on how I have a cheapass 4-banger that can't take on their 88 civics and the rcih preps who give me a hard time because I bought my mustang while their rich daddies bought them their new beemers and they don't know have the crap about what's under the hood of any car.

    Anyways great story man