~Few Pics From Todays Detail~

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  1. Well, it was about time for a little paint care. Had a few swirls I wanted to remove so out came the PC and supplies.

    Figured I would share some pics.

    Products used: SSR1, Red Moose Machine Glaze, Clearkote Carnauba Moose Wax.

    During the SSR1

    Wax Applied.






    Should be good for a while now. :D
  2. Looks amazing. Can you come over to Fort worth and do mine? :D
  3. I'd probably cry if my car looked that good after a detail.
  4. :hail2::hail2::hail2::hail2::hail2::hail2::hail2::hail2::hail2::hail2::drool::drool::drool::drool::drool::drool::drool::drool::drool::drool::drool: hada get that out of my system. as always looks amazing
  5. you had swirls? i dont know if i believe that...lol:rlaugh:
  6. no kidding!:D
  7. i know you just mentioned what products you used but can you please specify and where can i get them and what wheel did you use or did you do it by hand? sorry if my question sounds silly but the way ur car looks is jawdropping man wow
  8. Can we have an 04 sleeper photo thread sticky??

    Pictures of this car NEVER get old. Big props to you, looks awesome!
  9. car looks awesome.

    curious, whats your front wheel size and front tire size?
  10. Sure! LOL.. Thanks.

    LOL. Never heard that one before. Thanks. :cheers:

    :lol::lol: Thanks. :cheers:

    Well, I had a few so they had to go! LOL...

    I bought my supplies from Scott @ Specialty Motoring Products. Specialty Motoring Products - Products for Well Loved Cars

    I used the SSR1 on a white pad, and the Red Moose on a blue pad, and the wax by hand.


    LOL. Thanks.

    Thanks. My front wheels are 18X9 with 265-35-18's.
  11. Looks awesome! I can't wait to get home and do mine!

    Where in fort worth are you from? I grew up in keller...
  12. other than the car looking like a mirror, it has the perfect stance to it. was reading your cardomain page and i see that you used h&r springs in the back but you cut a coil off the stock front springs.

    how does that coil off of the stock front springs compare to the eibach sportlines (2.0 front drop) in terms of stance? would your setup be lower in the front or the sportlines?
  13. I grew up in VA. I moved to Fort Worth last year. My wife is from Texas city and moved up to Dallas when she was young.
  14. Nice Job.

    If i were you, i would look into a Higher End Carnuaba Top-Coat wax for your cobra.... Maybe a Swissvax or Rubbish Boys Original Edition wax.
  15. I do not have any personal experience with the Sportlines, so I am not sure. I do know it is lower than the H&R Race Springs in the front.

    Thanks. I will be honest, I have been detailing cars for more than 20 years and I have never really seen any wax that blew me away more than others I have used.

    I still like the 3M products actually. They have always worked well too.
  16. If you think this car looks good in pics...you should see it in person. I saw it up close this last weekend at Cars and Coffee in Plano (Dallas).

    04 Sleeper, I think you were the one explaining to me that the 03/04 Cobras had the running pony emblem in the grille from the factory.
  17. Come do mine when you're done with Kornnut? I'm only in Killeen :)

    Looks amazing.
  18. Wow, now I'm thinking about whippin' out the PC for this weekend
  19. I highly recommend Poorboys work Black Hole Glaze before the wax or sealant! I use it on all my dark color cars and it really brings out red and black! BTW still looks flawless!