Finally Got the Car Running Again


Mar 3, 2006
Nutley, NJ
After having the car down for 6 months I have finally got it running again from blowing its head gaskets and never having time to fix it. (no garage, work, etc) Started it up and I have an exhaust leak but it is from my ghetto EGR Tube that I made where the flare isn't really big enough for the the nut so there is a slight gap, but i am not getting a CEL or anything. It was just nice to here it start up again...Just posting this since I am happy. Also this was my first time really ripping the car mostly down and for everything to actually work is kind of exciting.

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Active Member
Sep 22, 2003
Phoenix, AZ
Dude, I can relate!

I popped a head gasket last June. Just now, over a year later, got it running again. I tried using some different head gaskets but they kept leaking coolant into the lifter valley. I finally broke down and just put stock replacement head gaskets in and now it seems to be good to go. If I didn't have another vehicle to drive I am sure I would've got to it a lot sooner:D

Props to you for getting it done in 6 months :nice: