First Startup On Engine Swap?

Discussion in 'SN95 4.6L Mustang Tech' started by 4cammer72, Mar 2, 2014.

  1. almost to the point of starting this thing up..... engine came with no fluids and will be full with everything connected properly ..... is there a do's and don'ts of what I should be cautious of with the first startup????
  2. Just make sure you prime it before starting
  3. Recommend filling the oil filter with oil before installing the oil filter. This will reduce the time it takes to build oil pressure.

    Disable the fuel system to prevent starting. Crank the motor in short bursts until oil is seen in the top end.

    Re-enable the fuel system. Cycle the key several times without cranking. Listen for the fuel pump to run each time. Then crank the motor to start. Verify oil pressure comes up quickly.

    Check for leaks.

    Have a beer.
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  4. There you go. Everything explained :cheers:
  5. cool, thanks guys....
  6. everything went well...... at first....... fired up the engine.. and have great oil pressure.... immediately settled down to a idle.... sounded perfect for about 5 minutes and it started to warm up, started tired and disgusted.....still has good pressure but the knock is definitely there.....
  7. What kind of motor is this? Compression? Fuel? Need more details.
  8. Man that blows. You have my sympathies.
  9. thanks.....

    stock 03 4.6 into a 2000 gt.....motor came from wrecked cv with 82k on it...
  10. so the shop I got the motor from came by last night after work.....I handed him the key and said have at it.... it cranked right up and sounded great..... he was giving me this look...... you know the one.... I said wait till it warms up..... so nearly 10 minutes after it started the gauge began to come up and it immediately started to knock....he got this bewildered look on his face and was scrambling all over the motor...asked if he could take it back to his shop and go over it.... said he sold it and needs to make it right.. so they picked it up this morning...... im in limbo till I hear back....he kinda made it sound like if it needs another engine (which im sure it does) hed swap it.... but didn't say so directly.....
  11. At least he is trying to make it right. Too many people will tell you that is no longer their problem.
  12. engine came with a 90 day warranty in writing..... so its something at least that hes looking at it..
  13. Warranty work ftw!!!
  14. stopped into the shop today and they think its timing chains and guides.....not making any noise until the engine warms up does not make me think timing components..... they are going to put new in if that's what is wrong... I just don't know....
  15. Hopefully that will fix it. Do they have a means of bench testing the engine or do you have to put it back in the car to find out if its right?
  16. they have the car at their shop... as it was when they came over to hear it run...
  17. Fingers crossed for you, man. But at least they're trying to take care of it
  18. issue solved..... drivers side tensioner was not locking in and would allow slack in chain after temp got up and piston would pull back... replaced tensioner and issue is gone...
  19. Congrats man. Glad you're back on the road.