Flowmaster VS Magnaflow

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  1. i have regular magnaflow mufflers. i think the difference in them and the magnapack is that the magnapack is more of a glasspack type muffler. i havent heard anything about these on a v6. the h-pipe im getting is from mac because it matches up with their LT headers, but im pretty sure you could find them from anywhere. the mac pipe is kind of expensive at around $370.00, but they have an offroad version that is cheaper
  2. The 40 series was designed for Mustangs, so you can rest assured that it is most likely them on your car.
  3. is there a difference if its offroad?
  4. do you know rougly how much theyd whack you for install of all this:shrug:
  5. an offroad pipe doesnt have any cats on it and is illegal in most states unless you dont have emissions testing or its only used at the track, but its louder and gives a minimal power boost, bu not enough to be felt

  6. did you notice a sound difference after you ported your heads
  7. I haven't done the port 'n polish yet. It's something that I plan to do in the future but as of yet have not got around to. Thanks for reminding me that I have to do it though, LOL. I need to get a second job for all the future mods I want. LOL
  8. any decisions on which way your leaning?
  9. im believe im leaning towards magnaflow , do know what they mean by straight through design for the magnaflow exhaust, is this a better set up than true duels as far as sound is concerned?
  11. straight through design means it's just a tube that goes straight instead of like chambered mufflers have chambers with areas walled off cept small holes. Straight through mufflers flow alot better, as far as sound it's all opinion. Magnaflow has spent time and money on creating a muffler that gives the american muscle sound that is wanted while still being straight through. It will just be a smoothly flowing sound instead of the gurgling from a V8 due to the firing order. That's the main reason our 6 just will never sound likw a V8, the firing order.
  12. i know the tube in the magnaflow mufflers is perforated with hundreds of tiny holes to make it sound deeper
  13. http://www.3.8mustang.com/multimedia/

    scroll down to the very bottom and click on the file that says 95 w/ removed cats & flowmaster mufflers , sounds amazing this is a v6 sound clip page, im wondering if thats really a v6 or a v8 sounds pretty dam close to a gt:nice:
  14. I have both.

    Green 2000 3.8L Coupe has 2.25 catback with MagnaFlows.

    Blue 2000 3.8L Coupe has 2.5 catback with FlowMasters.

    Both with CAI and 25% reduction crank pulley.

    The Blue one has a deeper rumble but as far as "loudness" both are the same.
  15. the blue one also has bigger pipes, which equals deeper rumble
  16. True.

    That is why I posted the size of the exhaust pipes.
  17. Doesn't sound like a v6 to me!!! Pretty crazy if it is.
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  20. Waayyyyyy too raspy for a GT.

    Even a GT with an O/R midpipe won't sound raspy like that.