FOR SALE mustang parts LOOK!!!!

Discussion in 'Engine and Power Adder' started by 09secondGT, Jul 31, 2011.

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  1. have a few parts for sale...

    solid motor mounts..$40

    AEM injector driver with DIABLO MAFia. and completed 5.0 wireing harness.all SOLD

    t-5 bell housing SOLD

    tremec 3550 bell housing $50

    autometer gauges water temp. oil pressure w/ guage pod..NO LONGER FOR SALE

    stock 5.0 oil pan $25

    stock 5.0 altenators $25 each

    altenator brackets $20 each

    steel ac brackets $20 each

    BBK fuel regulator 86-93 new, never installed.$65....SOLD..
  2. why this threat got posted twice........I dont know..
  3. pm replied...
  4. Host your images on imageshack then link them.
  5. Can you post pics of guage pod and guages?
  6. pm reply...cant post pics...would not let me upload from pics on my computer..
  7. tryed it again and here is a pic of the autometer guages...

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  8. Thanks man, is that the full length pillar pod? Can't really tell from the pic
  9. no just enough legnth for the gauges...
  10. decided to keep the gauges...
  11. Still have some parts still for sale.....
  12. still for sale...
  13. solid motor mounts

    whats the price of solid mounts shipped zip 07201 and what brand is it thanks
  14. and pic for got to ask lol
  15. havent been on here in a while...but dont know the brand...i should have been more specific in first thread...solid drivers side and hd convertible pass side.. if you r still interisted pm me ...thanks

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