Ford racing supercharger

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  1. I finally got my supercharger installed:D. I just wanted to thank everybody that helped with my questions. Car runs great and love the whine of the sc. I got my meth kit on order and my pulley. I plan on dynoing it when i get the rest installed.:SNSign:
  2. very nice, congrats
  3. how much did it set you back?

    any pics?
  4. What year car do you have? Is it a 99+? I am highly interested in getting this kit installed on my 04. Thanks for any info you can provide.
  5. I have it on my 2001 mustang gt. I had to custom make my altenator bracket and a couple more things. Overall i am very happy with it. I already smoked an 01 cobra and another blown stang. I can diffently feel the power. I will get some photos and if you have any questions feel free to ask. It really sounds nice. You can even hear the sc at idle. Faint whistle:D . I cant wait for the new pulley and meth kit.
  6. Can you please show us picture and please tell us how much did total cost you .:worthlesb
  7. I posted this in the other thread, but if you could do a complete list, like I had to make this, that, and that, I had to buy this pump and that gasket kit. I hate to be a PITA, but you're kinda like our guiney pig lol. The way this blower looks really stealth, is relatively mild, and is FRPP all appeals to me, because I just want a safe, efficient, and unique looking setup, and this seems to be it.
  8. Today I will get some photos. Like every basic supercharger kit you will need the following: Supercharger(of course), Fuel pump, Injectors( I went with 42lb and no you dont have to mess with fuel rails), Maf but not required unless plan on running more boost, and a good tuner( I went with sniper tuning and it worked great). I also was running it on 93 oct but i upgraded to 94 and runs even better. There are alot of minor mods that need to be done. Its really kinda hard to explain. I hope the photos will help. The Powersteering bracket needs to be moded because the alt gets repostioned and the belt will rub with out trim. Give me some credit this took some time and brain power:rlaugh: .
  9. I'm in the works of buying a Diablosport Predator, and I'm hoping a shop around here can make me a custom dynotune with that once I get the charger kit. I'm also working on a Lightning 90mm MAF. What fuel pump did you use with this kit? I'm hearing things about a focus SVT pump. Also, I assume FRPP 42# stock replacement injectors are what you got. You are like everyone who has a 99+ car's hero who wanted this kit. My biggest concern is the custom bracket setup, I have no means or skill to do that... :nonono:
  10. I got my injectors through my own business, I think there were ford. I got a 255lph fuel pump made by steeda but the focus pump will work too. I went with sniper tuning because it is really easy to work with and there is no need to call anyone to order a tune. Its all custom and you do it your self. If i am not miss spoken there are only a couple of brackets. I spent a couple late nights doing it so some of the stuff is a blurr. I will help best of my ability. I also keep my stock maf until my lightning can get here. I will get some photos but i need to get new bats for my digital camera. should be this afternoon. :flag:

  11. Good job on a install :nice:
  12. Thanks. We'll be waiting. :hail2: :nice:
  13. I tried to upload the pics but its not letting me saying that the size is to big. I will try again in alittle bit but if i cant get it i will put the pics on my site and you guys can just view them from there. :nice: I will get them up though.
  14. you should open up a free photobucket account and post the pictures there and resize them to fit.

  15. resize with paint
  16. Any luck with pics yet? It kills me that I might have to wait about a year to do this, but it will be done... At least now I know what parts not to buy, like a TB and plenum, because all of that will be useless with this kit. I can still do exhaust, suspension, chassis, pulleys, I can keep my Roush CAI, and either a predator or Livewire will complement this nicely ahead of time. Just gonna stay away from the N/A based mods. By the time I save up and do the other stuff, it'll be blower time!
  17. I thought you couldn't run meth injection through a roots s/c?
  18. I wonder why...maybe because it's not being added after the blower? That would suck, seeing as my Roush CAI came with a second tube set up for nitrous right before the TB, but could easily be used for meth injection.
  19. For this to be tech there must at least be pics sir...

  20. I am sorry guys...i am trying. Give me some time:nice: Nothings working....:nonono: but i will figure something out.