Fox Fox As A Daily Driver?

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  1. why not DD the SHO for a few more months, you know the important ones where ice cld a/c matter, and then trade it in or sell it for the 15 Mustang.

  2. Trading it in is prolly what I'm going to do. I may live the SHO too much to sell it, unless I'm looking at a new GT.
  3. i drove mine with minor bolt ons for years before it became a weekend toy,gave me no issues exept for a broken self adjusting its much more enjoyable to drive in the evening with less traffic thats for sure...
    but i would only drive a modded fox period...

  4. I did.

    I just assume anyone who's DD is newer than 2008 or so wouldn't really want to DD a 20+ year old car after that
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