Free cobra headlights

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  1. Noooo they aren't for ya'll...they're for me!! :D

    haha a guy at school bought 1 piece projectors for his 94 Cobra and he's giving me his original Cobra headlights. He is also building a DSS 347 and puting twin turbos on it (expecting around 800hp... :hail2: ) so I might be able to get his Cobra intake and heads for really cheap, maybe even free! We have an extra 87 or 88 302 block at work that I could pick up for 100-200 bucks so I might have a fresh motor going in sometime this year if all goes well.

  2. Sounds like a good plan to me!
  3. You SOB, I'm actually looking for headlights...
  4. you can take my slightly yellowed one once i put my newer ones in:D
  5. parchisi, your car is bad ass enough, you don't need headlights
  6. Thanks, but there's a reason I haven't shown any pictures of the front end. The headlights are yellowed beyond beleif...its disgusting.
  7. heck yeah...i need a new headlight, ive got cobras but i forgot to silicone them when i put them in and one is all fogged up. might just wait and buy a set of fogs/lights from blue oval.