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  1. This should be fixed when the '05 gets hood scoop, quad exhust and 400HP. I wonder if the HP will get upped again when the '06 Cobra comes out? should be a good fight in '06

    Boy this thread sure has changed subjects a lot :D
  2. Still sticking to the same theme, problems with the American Auto industry. The Malibu/9-3/G6 is the way to do it. The new Acura TL is based off an Accord, but looks downright sinister. I was really disappointed with the new Montego. The sketches looked gorgeous, but the actually car is incredibly bland. It's gonna take a lot better effort than that to save Mercury.

    Now if the industry would return to making inexpensive RWD cars...
  3. One thing that GM and Lutz has done recently that has impressed me a lot is the new RWD Kappa platform that the Solstice is built off of. I never though an American car maker would build a low cost RWD platform again. GM green lighted the Chevy Nomad and a Saturn (not the Curve) for production off this platform with other cars on the way. The Solstice will be under $20K and have IRS and some Vette suspension parts. Looks like this platform will spawn some BMW 1 series competition.
  4. Hood scoop on the new "GTO"? :puke:
  5. If it gets a scoop, it better be functional.

  6. i remember a time when GM promised they would make a truck faster than the Lightning.... we all know how that turned out. :notnice:
  7. THe Syclone was faster than a Lightning, So was the 454SS at the time.

    When did GM say they were going to make a truck that was faster than the lightning?
  8. at SEMA some years ago.
  9. I think he's talking about the Silverado SS, which has turned out to be a comparative dud.
  10. THat dud is the Fastest AWD pickup sold in America. THe exteded cab SS wasn't ment to go head to head with the lightning, that is why it is AWD and Ext cab vs. RWD and reg. cab. Two different animals.

    Check this info out about the '05,

    2005 Silverado SS

    - Look for the 2005 Silverado SS to come with a REGULAR-CAB. It will also not feature the usual AWD found on the SS, instead it will feature RWD, will be powered by a 385HP 6.0l engine and will come STANDARD with a 6-Speed Manual.

    I guess the real '05 is going to be showed at the NYC autoshow in april
  11. How many awd pickups are sold in America?
  12. The next Silverado SS might be a player, but the current one = teh lose. "Fastest AWD pickup sold in America" is one of those BS marketing lines I'd expect to hear on a commercial. You're either THE fastest, or not. I hate when they start busting out the categorizations to cover their ass.
  13. over 1 million each year. 2wd trucks are the minority. Here in the north east 90% of trucks are 4x4, it is hard to sell a 2WD truck.

    Ok then it is the fastest extended cab pickup then, or fastest practical pickup. The Lightning and SRT-10 RAM are in a different league. It is like comparing a Vette to a Mustang. The Vette is faster, but sometimes you need to carry more than 2 people. The current Silverado SS only has competition from the Hemi Ram 1500. A lot of people think because they threw SS badges on the truck it is a Lightning fighter. The Lightning fighter Silverado isn't out yet. The current ext cab SS still gets respectable 1/4mi. times of mid 14's, 10 years ago this truck would be beating 5.0L Mustang GTs.
  14. anyone else find z28s gm b*** lickin a bit irritating? :p

    jk jk jk
  15. He said "awd" trucks, not 4 wheel drive. There is a difference.
  16. Let me rephrase that then, trucks with power to all 4 wheels :rolleyes: :)

    I'm not b!t¢hing, I thought we had some good discussions going. It's good to share information, thats how you learn. :D. I have got lots good Ford, GM, and Dodge inside info/news/rumors.
  17. I will ignore the misquote onna-count-of I'm a reasonable guy and people seem to be getting a bit too excited around here.
  18. I wonder how many people know the difference. I think I'd rather have 4WD on a pickup, AWD on a car. I kinda wish the Lightning had a 4WD option. (and a manual tranny :D)

  19. Most don't know, and most don't care. Most people buy AWD or 4WD becuase they are affraid of snow, not because they want to go off road.
  20. AWD on a pickup is a good idea, since most people get them for snow and other inclement weather, not for off-roading, and 4WD isn't meant for highway driving.

    I didn't mean it wasn't a good truck; it's just been a failure in the business sense. It hasn't been received warmly, not even by GM fanatics, which says a lot.
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