Front Tire Rub.

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  1. I have an '89 LX. I have a tire rub issue and it has only gotten worse since its been lowered. And I do know the '89 has less clearance than I think the 90-93. Any idea on tire size?

    It has 17in Chrome Cobra rims. I did not buy them so I do not have any specs on them. Tires are 255/40/R17 I did not purchase the tires.

    What is the ideal tire size or other ideas short of getting later fenders that's not an option right now?

    Thanks in advance.
  2. Try 245s. The first number is the width of the tire in milimeters. 255 = 10" wide, 245 = 9.65"

    I have 245/50 - 16s and the front rubbed when I turned. Once I took weight off the front they stopped rubbing.
  3. Yes, the 89 fender opening is smaller than the 91-93. Ford opened the wheel wells when upping stock rim size to 16".

    Wheel offset makes a big difference as well. Most can run 245/45/17 with very minimal rubbing. Your 255's would rubb all day on most setups
  4. Oh, font worry about swapping fendrrs, it not likely the fender youre rubbing. Either a arm, sway bar, or inner fender liner
  5. either get a smaller tire or see if you rack limiters help
  6. I know the rims rub the stock a arms when u turn the wheel all the way.

    The tire is rubbing the inner fender liner. I will try a smaller front tire I think.
  7. My 245/45/17 's just rub xlightly in the front in the inner skirt and slightly on plastic wrap-around on the inside to the point that it removes the pain but only in turns ... okay on the straightaway. Shortly I'm switching to the 235's which should solve the problem .....
  8. Same here. 245/45/17 only rub very slightly at full lock


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  9. I found rubber on the inner finder liner so that is the contact point. It does hit the a arm when turning the wheel all the way one way.

    So I will try some 235 or 245.
  10. Also anyone know what 17 the rear will handle typically with no issues?
  11. I'm running 275/40 without any issues, but what are your wheel specs?

  12. You can put on steering rack limiters that will prevent them from rubbing your a arms at full lock, but I personally would go with a smaller tire
  13. Honestly I do not know the 17 chrome Cobra's were on when I bought it in '08. I have looked at them for a serial number or part number but I did not find any. I did not look to heavily though. Thanks in advance for your help.
  14. no problem. You should be able to simply remove on and look inside one of the spokes. There should be a stamping similar to ET38, ET43, etc. The number corresponds to the wheel offset
  15. Here is what I found.

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  16. So on a hunch i pulled the rear rim to see it is 17x8 fronts are 17x9. Im dumb! haha been like that since I got it.
  17. Nice easy fix!
  18. I swapped the tires and still have rub but improved. Still need to get rid of the 255's I think