frontend bushings?

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  1. I have noticed recently that as the front end bounces as in going slowly over a parking lot speed bump, something in the front end sounds like a dry bushing...squawk-squawk. No I have hit a bird! Has anyone out there experienced this?

    It's really no big deal except that a car with 5200 miles shouldn't be sounding like one with 152,000...

    Hmmmm...let's see!... So far a door latch that leaks water in rain and a sqeeking frontend. What annoying thing is next?...
  2. correction: I have NOT hit a bird!!!:rolleyes:
  3. Anyone have a fix for the noisy swaybar bushings? I am considering spraying silicon on the swaybar-bushing junction in hopes that penetration will occur. Another option would be to loosen them and slide them sideways over a greased adjacent swaybar section.

    I shouldn't have to do this to a new car!!! :mad:
  4. This isn't the only time I've been the sole thread participant in a forum. I guess my posts are butt-boring.

    Anyway, I came across Mustang TSB #07-23-01 that addresses my exact noise over speed bumps and my driveway approach. This TSB is for 2007 and earlier Mustangs, but my 2012 has the EXACT same issue.

    I plan on taking the car to the dealer this week to get it resolved. It's not really a big issue...I still love the car. It's just that I can in no way tolerate noises in a car that were not intentionally part of its design. ;)
  5. I do remember a TSB coming out like you describe around when I got my 05, but thought for sure it wouldn't apply to a 2012 mustang, thus I didn't post. :)

    Was hoping someone with a bit newer of a mustang would post.
  6. Hey hey Okie!

    Your posts are actually pretty funny, what with the bird sounds and all! :D Definitely bring it to your dealer, and have them run your VIN for any applicable TSB for your symptom. The TSB you listed is for older model year Mustangs, so that one won't apply, but I'm confident they will be able to resolve it for you. As always, I'm here if you need help! Have a good afternoon!

  7. Well, I just picked up the car from the dealer. They ordered a new front swaybar assembly which should be in Friday.

    The service adviser (Scott Monroe) is a super dude and really does a great job in resolving issues. He researched the TSB I told him about and found that it had been superseded by a similar 2009 TSB. The service tech told Scott that the TSB did not apply to my 2012 to which Scott replied "...but the noise still applies". I like that!! :)

    The noise has diminished somewhat since I soaked the swaybar bushings with WD40 last Saturday. That pretty well points to the bushings as being the culprit. The WD40 is only a very temporary fix...the noise *WILL* return!
  8. The swaybar assembly including the bushings was changed out. I haven't noticed any noises as I bounce into my driveway from the street. I have yet to listen over parking lot speed bumps. Turning up the radio fixes a lot of problems! :rolleyes: