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Discussion in 'Engine and Power Adder Parts' started by eatonmach1, Nov 21, 2009.

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  1. Updated list 11/25

    I have some mach engine stuff forsale from doin an eaton swap for my buddie.
    Also some other stuff I have got layin around in the way. About to join the Airforce so I need to get rid of this stuff soon. I am not sure what this stuff is worth so shoot me a resonable offer I will take it. Don't need this stuff taking up space in my garage anymore.

    All these parts came off a 2004 Mach with 24k miles on it. Except the engine below.

    Termi Rods and Block left. Block is flawless one rod had a bearing spun. $150 for each
    4.6 cast rods $25
    Complete 4.6 DOHC intake Upper and Lower $275 OBO
    Coolant Crossover tube $35 OBO
    Crank Balancer for manual $35
    Throttle Body $45
    Stock Mach MAF $50
    Stock mach fuel sump with pump and sending unit. $25
    2 Altenators One with clutch one without $50
    Throttle and Cruse Cable Bracket
    Cast 4.6 Crank shaft perfect condition 24k miles $75 OBO
    24lb ev6 injectors 24k on them $50 OBO
    Almost Complete Shaker setup $200 OBO

    I have some other misc parts such as Idle air controls egr stuff if you are in need of any of this stuff let me know I will see if I have it.

    Also have two shaker setups. Everything but the tops from doin eaton swaps. One I will part out the other I am gonna sell as a set.

    Also have a new never used 8 rib conversion kit for anyone with a cent. blower on a 4.6 gt, mach or cobra. This kit works with both Vortech kits and Procharger kits. Includes and Reichard Racing Ultra Grip 20lb pulley. $400 for all of it

    Any questions or if you need pictures let me know I will email them per need.


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  3. I am interested in the front cover and possible the cables and brackets. Do you have any pics?
  4. Sold earlier today sorry.
  5. Bump updated list
  6. Parts sold. Thanks
  7. Does that mean all of your parts you are selling here are sold? If not, and if you're still selling the parts, what does the shaker system not come with?
  8. you still have the terminator rods and block?
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