FYI: Brake weight info

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  1. Well, this last week i got new brakes all around on my car. I put on the Cobra R (brembo 4 piston) 13 inchers on front, and did the Cobra rear upgrade (11.65 inch discs, stock calipers). I know there was some concern about going with bigger brakes and adding more unwanted wieght. Well I measured my new brakes before they went on and then measuered the stock GT brakes when they got pulled off. Measured on a digital weight scale. Here is the info:

    Stock GT front caliper: 10 lbs each
    Stock GT front disc : 15 lbs each
    Stock GT Rear disc : 10.2 lbs each

    I didnt measure the weight of the rear calipers because the cobra calipers are the same as the stock GT, just different colors, so i assumed they weigh the same.

    Brembo 4 piston front calipers (cobra R): 8.4 lbs each
    Brembo 13 inch slotted vented front discs: 18.6 lbs each
    Brembo 11.65 inch vented rear discs (cobra): 11.4 lbs each

    So the weight that you put on with this set up is about 6.4 lbs over the stock brakes. To me, that is a very negligible amount of weight for amazing stopping power and huge brakes.
  2. I just had my GT front rotors off and they sure felt like they weighed more than 15, I am surprised! Not trying to say you are wrong, just surprised.
  3. wow, i didnt realize the weight difference was so minimal. just cut out fast food for a week and youve make up the weight! :D i remember one person saying 13" brakes were a bad idea b/c of the weight difference. hah, :bs:
    thanks a ton for the info mang!