Gas Mileage

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  1. On 85 octane (regular) I get around 180 miles to a tank (city driving) here but in Vegas for the same octane I was getting 220 miles to a tank. Maybe the altitude difference makes a difference in gas mileage. Generally, here I get 300 miles to a tank on 85 highway. I tested 87 octane (midgrade) here and I get 40 more miles highway (340 per tank). Hence, for an extra $1.50 I get 40 more miles highway, (cost of gas at the time $2.75) for a savings of $4.00...!

    Something to think about...
  2. What is this gas mileage you speak of??

    Hehehe seriously, I get 15 in the city.
    24-25 highway with 4.10s which I think is very respectable.
  3. On my 96 gt with 111,000 miles, fipk, AT catback, mac h pipe, 315's in the rear, and an automatic I get about 17mpg 100% city driving.

    When I first bought the car I was getting roughly 13mpg. I added all the things listed above, cleaned out the maf, air temp sensor, iac, better engine oil, better diff oil, new tranny oil, seafoamed a few times, and other little things I probably can't think of. I got an increase of 4mpg - which I think is pretty damned good (especially with the fatter front/rear wheels and tires). I drive it spiritedly too - no granny ****.

    If I went easy on a tank and did some highway trips, I bet I could easily break 20mpg. On my next tank I'm going to try to use as much highway miles instead of the nice backroads, and use the cruise control without speeding or acellerating too hard.
  4. On my last fill up I ran the car until it was so low it started sputtering and I got 312 to the tank. Which I think I have a 15 gallon tank and thats 20.8 mpg and that was mixed city and highway.Not to bad with my gears and cams:shrug:
  5. August 2005--Southwest Florida to San Diego, Ca, 2650 miles 24.3 MPG averaged 67 MPH with A/C on the whole time. Cruise set at 75-78 MPH.

    September 2005 San Diego to Southwest Florida 2650 miles 24.8 MPG
    averaged 64 MPH with A/c on the whole time. Cruise set at 72-75 MPH.

    November 2005--Southwest Florida to Washington D.C. 1150 miles 24.7 MPG
    December 2005--Washington D.C. to Southwest Florida 1150 miles 25.1 MPH
    Cruise set at 70-72 MPH Aveerage speed 62 MPH No A/C

    CAI-ProChamber-Flowmasters-Pulleys -245/40-17's at 32 PSI stock 3.27 rear gear
  6. Hwy...over 300 but I don't know exactly because I never wait till empty to fill up.

    Combo of city and hwy is 280. But my car isn't mileage went up significantly after my dyno tune.
  7. Going from home to Chicago to see a buddy with luggage and passenger. I got 27.8 mpg up there at 70 mph. Would have got more if we kept it 65. These cars can get a respectable mileage with few mods.

    My mods at the time were Magnaflow catback and K&N FIPK.