gas prices in your area

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  1. In the city of Chicago it's still anywhere from $2.99 to $3.09. In my suburb it's about the same. Yesterday, I filled my tank for $2.97 a gallon. I ended up paying $35.64 for 12 gallons.:notnice:
  2. Where are you at in, MO. It is 2.78 for 87 here in Camdenton
  3. I still haven't figured out why gas was 3.92 a gallon for 93 octane here.
    Bad news: with procharger I have to run 93 octane.
    Good news: I've been driving work car back and forth to work
  4. 2.79 for reg. today

    Jackson, Michigan
  5. Well here is the thing, I was in an accident so I didn't have my car. The altima was a rental. If it needed super, or whatever, the rental company didn't tell me. So in short, IT AIN'T MY PROBLEM!! It's all on them, I don't care.

    Anyways, I got the stang back and gas is down to $2.98/gallon. And thats a break.
  6. $2.92 on the corner now. -Gulf
  7. My mustang was a rental in detroit. I bet it got abused. :notnice:
  8. I bet it did. I had the Altima for 2 weeks and that thing got abused. So if I did that with an altima, I would hate to see what someone would do with a stang as a rental.
  9. And it also doesn't help that it's yellow and it had that sport appeal package. Two months after I got her, I had to replace my breaks because the idiots before me were apprently pressing the break and gas at the same time they were driving. :nonono:
  10. Same here. Mine was a rental out of Massachussetts (spelling?). I still have the paperwork somewhere claiming the title belongs to Hertz.

    It's said that when a car comes from out of state they're trying to get rid of it for a reason. My bugs are in the trans during driving or the idle speed when you first start it up. :notnice:
  11. I don't think my car has any bugs, yet(except ****ed up breaks). Were you the first owner after the rental place?
  12. Yes according to the Carfax report I ran it said that it's only had two owners

    1st owner 5/17/2002 Massachusetts (Hertz)
    2nd owner 7/31/2003 New Jersey (the first dealership in Hacketstown)

    it's also been through 2 auctions and 3 dealerships before I found it at the Dover Chrysler dealer.
  13. That doesn't sound like a good thing.
  14. Here its 2.75 for regular at the Kangaroo/BP.
  15. Its at around $2.95 in new york.