Gas prices in your area?

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  1. We just hit $1.96 last night. Just curious if it's dropped that much everywhere or not?

    Also, you can all thank me. Gas started going down the day after I bought my Focus. :D
  2. 2.37 here...
  3. Which is where? :shrug:
  4. Its like $2.40 in my part of Louisiana.
  5. $2.35 cheapest in upstate NY. I wish I lived in MO right now, my thirsty plow truck still costs a bit to fill... ouch.
  6. If selling my 4x4 for an econo car = lower gas prices. I have a feeling the opposite will be true for the amount of snow we'll get this winter. The last two winters have been mild. I bet we see over a foot on several occassion and finally have snow again that lasts more than 3 days. :D My new job I have a lot of sick leave saved up, so I'll just stay home. :nice:
  7. $2.19 in Athens, Ohio last time I drove, probably lower now.

    It is definately dropping.
  8. You all suck... 2.49 here as of this mornign... and I use premium so that was 2.72...
  9. 2.10 cedar falls, IA
  10. $2.16 in Michigan
  11. 2 weeks ago, 93 octane was 2.25 not sure what it is now. That was when gas was 2.10 or higher. :D
  12. 2.50ish in central MD, but its alot cheaper closer to the shore.
  13. 2.06 on the dark side of the moon
  14. Hmmm. Im actually listening to that CD right now.
  15. its my favorite other than wish you were here
  16. 2.55 here in calli high desert
  17. 1.91 in Northern VA... which is weird because the average household income in my area is like 90,000+...
  18. 1.91? Sweet.... I hope it keeps dropping here too.
  19. $2.29 here in Altoona, I hear its ~$2.09 in Pittsburgh.
  20. Just filled up at $2.15 here in Parkersburg WV.