glass packs good idea or not?????????

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  1. k i was wonering if any one has used some glass packs on there mustang and if so how good do they work... i dont really want to spend to much money on a exhaust system at this point in the game and was wondering if glass packs would be a good cheap choice... but my concern is that the glass packs will rob me of horsepower.... my engine is going to be about 500 horse when its done and i dont want to take that away from it threw a my exhaust....
  2. when i had my engine built i didnt have money for an exhaust sysyem, so in summit there were these things called purple hornies, they are glasspack mufflers that have a turndown tip on them...they are loud as all hell and sound great...but i dont think im loosing power at all...but i think i am loosing my hearing haha
  3. Personally, I don't like the sound of glasspacks at all.

    They do wear out.

    If you can afford 500hp, you can afford some decent mufflers.

    Oh... and where the heck did you find a 4speed FMX?
  4. i've got glasspacks on mine. they sound alright, not deep and throaty like i would like but they get the job done.
  5. if you want to sound like the teen down the street,do it,but if you want to build this car and do it right, dont get cheap on the exhaust,youll just end up replacing it.
  6. Glasspacks sound great on a mild car like mine, but with 500 h.p. they are going to be really loud. You won't lose h.p. if money and power are your only concerns. I think I paid about $15 each for my 2 1/2" glasspacks but that's been a few years back. I have had several people ask me if I was running Flowmasters. :rlaugh: I can't see paying high dollar for 3 h.p. and a certain sound.
  7. I had once considered this route when building my exhaust system. Due to funds it seemed the best and most practical way at the time. After putting one on a 440 dodge.....and noticed how much low end power i had losted, I was turned off. The design is straight through, not a single baffle, chamber etc.....making it near impossible to make back pressure. The worst part overall, is that they wear out......My original flowmaster 40s had me at start up.

  8. I was wondering about the 4 spd FMX too...

    what are the specs on the 500 hp cleveland?
  9. No offense to anyone that has them, but all the cars that I have heard have sounded horrible with them, they are loud though I will give you that.

    If money is a problem look on ebay, you can probably find some used flowmasters or something pretty cheap.
  10. Coolblue, no offense taken, but on a stock or nearly stock car, they are quiet enough to carry on a conversation at cruising speed and loud when you get on it. With his h.p. levels, they would be obnoxious as crap though. In other words, the same muffler will exhibit totally different sound characteristics on a 200 h.p. car and a 500 h.p. car.
    Everybody is right though... don't put glasspacks on that engine.
  11. About noise.

    Glasspacks are like any other muffler. You can get quieter and louder versions.

    In a glasspack muffler, the longer the muffler, the quieter the exhaust. Much like a regular muffer in that the more chambers it has, the quieter it tends to be.

    As a rule of tumb, glasspacks are very loud but that's because people tend to buy the cheaper and shorter versions.
  12. Summit Has Mufflers That Are Supposed To Flow More Then Flowmasters And There Are Not Loud And They Are About $25.00
  13. I agree with this thinking. You can get some decent no-name type of mufflers that flow well for pretty cheap. Mufflers on my truck are a good example. Sound pretty good, flow pretty good, and only cost $55 each.
  14. leave the glasspacks to the guys with beat up Z71's....they are not a performance muffler.

    The hooker aero-chamber has the best flow numbers of any generic muffler. It will flow better, be quieter, and have better sound than any glasspack.
  15. k thanx guys really apprecate it.. the cleveland isnt 500 hp yet but its going to be in about a couple of months when school starts.... my auto tec teacher builds race engines as a part time job and he said he could easily make 500 if i wanted to spend the money which im going to.... my FMX i thought was a 4 speed maybe i was wrong i dont have as much years behind me as some of your guys out there do.... i havent really looked at my tranny much im more worried of geting the car ready for interior and paint..... but what is it a 3 speed???? also sence we are on the topic what does FMX stand for and would it hold up against a high horse powered cleveland...
    PS. probally go with some 40 series flows..are hooker headers a good choice??? i was thinking about them as well
  16. There is someone in the classic classifieds selling a set of used turbo mufflers from dynomax I think it was. For like 50 obo.
  17. i might have to look into that thanx
  18. I put the turbo mufflers on a mustang a while back. They worked fine and had a deep sound, although I really wasn't paying attention to horsepower. As for the FMX, it might be able to handle the 500hp, but a C6 trans would probably be better. Mustangs didn't have 4 speed automatics, only three speed. The C4, FMX, and C6 are the automatic transmissions Ford used. C4 being the least capable to handle horsepower (although very reliable) and the C6 being the best.
  19. people tend to have the C4 built instead of using a C6 because the C6 takes some much power to turn it which leads to horsepower loss. the C4 can handle a lot of horse power if built correctly....

    ask 10secgoal! :D