Going To Surprise My Nephew,64 1/2 Mustang Coupe

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  1. ok he has been asking for a mustang for a while now. he is 15 has his learners permit and just started taking shop class in school. i was talking with a buddy, and he has a 64 1/2 coupe ,6 cylinder
    three speed ,air conditioning ,told him about my nephew he said he would sell me the car for $700.
    it runs good but the clutch slips .missing a few small pieces but i probably have them in my some day pile. havn't told him yet . dont know who is going to be more excited ,him or me . going to pick it up tuesday. he is Johnny`s younger brother Nick, this is going to be good and i cant wait .it will take a while to put together ,he doesnt get his license till december so i have some time:banana:
    i will post some pics when i pick it up
  2. The 64-65 clutch is available new, so that'll be a good starting point.
  3. yeah ,i have a new old stock plate and disk ,picked up a bunch of 60s ford parts
    several years ago .glad i saved them
  4. since he is taking shop class, rather than you do the work, how about have him do the work while you supervise/help. that way he appreciates the car more and is more likely to take proper care of it.
  5. thats the plan ,but i have a feeling i wont be able to stay out completly, fingers are already twitching. for starts i will have him take it apart, thats not to hard for a beginner. just tell him if it looks like it comes off ,take it off . it has a couple small patch panels needed that i will do, but i want him to do every thing else. i am going to insist that it be done on a rotisserie. i want him to see what goes into a restoration not just the money but the work as well
  6. Need another nephew?
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  7. have plenty nephews and nieces. headed out to pick up the car,its
    about a two hour drive one way i hope to get back before it gets to hot. been between
    102 -106 the last few days.
  8. just made it back ,what a miserable drive that was. ever driven 99 with an empty car trailer? comming back wasnt so bad. but the trip up about beat me to death.
    got the car, it is a 64 1/2, still has most of the factory paint ,some one sanded on it.
    front sheet metal is junk but the main body is in good shape. a little rot in both quarters at the bottom but not bad .the doors are tight and close like a new car. the door and quarter glass roll up and down so easy you wouldnt believe it. ever looked under a 64 1/2? they are not like your 65 up,every thing is painted body color even in side floors are painted . it has air still hooked up and a console. saddle interior .the seats were changed to 68 cougar seats ,not a problem i have plenty mustang seats. i have most of the front sheet metal as well. won't be much body work when the front sheet metal has been replaced . it doesnt look real prety right now but it is a very good start.
    for $700 i have no complaints IMG_1855.JPG IMG_1856.JPG IMG_1859.JPG IMG_1862.JPG
  9. when the kid gets the itch to hop up the car, check out fordsix.com for good information about hopping up the six, and doing transmission swaps, like replacing the three speed with a T5. we got a lot of good info there. and classicinlines.com has a lot of good parts available.
  10. GREAT SCORE! Even the rear bumper looks straight. For the $$$, it would be in my yard!:nice: I LOVE 6-bangers! Swapped out to V8 suspension, etc.
  11. yeah we are going to change it all over .i have a 65 298 and a new c4 but i will haing on to the motor and trans just because it is a matching number unit .this is a detroit
    car, f code but the dso is 22 san jose ,must have been a special order. has all of the 64 stuff still on the car .the motor is a 170 -6cy. engine code is U. only thing i see that has been changed is the seats and 14 inch rims instead of 13s . my sister is bringing Nick out tomarrow ,he still doesnt know .i will have to get out the camara.
  12. not bad, a nice project for you and your nephew
  13. Nick gets to see his mustang. he can't wait to take it a part ,but he is headed to Alaska for two weeks to go salmon fishing. he said if he new about the car he would not be going. here is Nick, his mom and his dog hoody. when he gets back i am turning the tool box over to him to disassemble the car. he already has plans for it, spoilerd trunk lid and end caps fiberglass tail panel with t bird lights and 71 pop open gass cap, 66 shelby hood and side scoops. possibly black jade with gold shelby stripes and saddle pony interior and torque thrust wheels. i figure that i had beter state that he is 16 not
    15 ,as he is about an inch taller than i am. i thought i beter fix that. IMG_1866.JPG IMG_1868.JPG IMG_1869.JPG
  14. bought Nick a bassic tool set, husky ratchet and sockets .they only go to 3/4 but there is only three bolts on a 64 -66 larger than 3/4 so he can use my tools for that . a set of husky screwdrivers and a set of husky wrenches, 1/4 -7/8 . should be a good starting set for him . he told me he is comming out early friday to start disassembling the car. IMG_1870.JPG
  15. i had to drill out the key switch ,didnt have the key. put a batery in it,with a screwdriver
    turned it over and to my surprise it fired up and kept running .lifters clatterd a little for a few minuets then completly quited down. the gass in the tank looked like tea but it ran any way, dont know how long it sat without running but it has been a long time.
    what a smooth running motor wow. messed around with the clutch pedal and found out the reason the clutch sliped is the pedal wasnt adjusted high enough and the helper spring was actualy pulling the pedal down . the clutch pushes real easy . after adjusting the pedal it worked perfect.i reached over and turned the air on and it works,
  16. Nick showed up this morning ready to work. starded on the rear of the car then we turned it around ,needed the shade ,and started on the front took it all apart himself.
    well i held a wrench on a few bolts while he used the air ratchet .uncle Arnie watched over while i sat in my chair and took pics. looks like i will have to do a floor ,rats.
    every thing else looks real good . had to stop for a while, BBQ baby back ribs mmm
    ribs . put all the tools away. nick is headed off to Alaska tomarow morning so when he gets back we will pull the motor and trans and put it up on the rotisserie IMG_1872.JPG IMG_1871.JPG IMG_1874.JPG IMG_1877.JPG IMG_1878.JPG
  17. let me know when you get ready to build the six, and i will give you some good recommendations for parts and machine work that will make that little motor sing.
  18. yeah he decided it has to be a v8 ,cant blame him thats what i would want.i will keep the 6 it runs great . i will find some use for it. he has been on the internet since i gave it to him just looking at pics. he has already figured how it will look when its finnished.
  19. got an email ,nick is comming home early,tonight. already been informed that we will be working on the car tomarrow,funny not a word about salmon fishing. guess we will be pulling the motor and trany . going to put it up on the lift ,let him pull the driveshaft ,motor mount nuts and trany mount nuts. orderd a new floor it is suposed to be in tomarrow ,perfect timming. that will be the next step.
  20. how proud am i ,just showed him what to take off and he did it ,i almost forgot to take pics . missed him unbolting the motor and trany and drive shaft, but i got him pulling the motor. uncle arnie made sure it came out easily,i was the trypod ,some one had to hold the cammera. started taking the interior apart. first the inst bezzel, then the glove box door and the heater box. dumb dog? not realy, that's where the swamp cooler blows down ,he's the smart one. its already 100 degrees out side. he cant wait to start on the floor, its supposed to be in today .he starts back to school tuesday so that will have to be next weekends project then its up on the rotisserie. IMG_1943.JPG IMG_1944.JPG IMG_1945.JPG IMG_1947.JPG IMG_1948.JPG IMG_1950.JPG IMG_1952.JPG IMG_1951.JPG