got another stang

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  1. i put 50$ on either he wrecked it or found out the motor was shot
  2. i got $100 on the motor is shot...that's what happened to my friend who bought a supercharged stang on ebay
  3. i will NEVER buy a car without actually seeing it in person, Pics dont do shiizzzz. Ive seen so many nice cars on the net, then when i actually go see it, its like somone took a crap on it. I mean, theres some trustworthy people out there, but for the most part, when someone wants to sell a car, they just wanna sell it.
  4. :nonono: , kids these days. Maybe the boogie man got him.
  5. Right on man...:nice:

    Or the guy in the old conversion van with "Free Candy" sloppily painted on the side lured him in.
  6. :rlaugh: :lol: I love that Van.
  7. lol everyones hatin on the kid, and hes probably out having fun and pimpin h0s in his new ride :(.................5 bucks towards his parents realized the rumble under the hood and got him a Kia instead :p
  8. Yeah but they let him get a tattoo of a horse on his back :rlaugh:
  9. lol, no the cars perfect. i just havent had a chance to get on. i love the car, its flawless. the guy was completely trustworthy. i was kind of scared it was gonna be a POS when I got it, but its definitely not. i got the projectors out and the smoked with clear corners in. ill post pics as soon as i get down to my paps again.
  10. HE SPEAKS!!! lol jeez we would have lost a lot of money if this bet was for real
  11. Good he hasn't wrecked......................................yet. LOL
  12. mean it wasnt real?? :shrug: *tears up money order worth 5 bones*
  13. i havent been down to my paps in a while to even see hopefully goin down saturday to get pics and wash it. i get my license back in 8 days so it shouldnt be too long. sorry for the wait guys
  14. Why'd your license get suspended?? :shrug:
  15. And the Ray drama continues... :)
  16. i got my license suspended for dumb little things that added up... wrecking my first time...2 points. outdated registration...2 points. 82 in a 65...4 points. lol
  17. Those aren't dumb little things and I hope you don't do a dumb little thing in that car because it might be your last.
  18. lol the saga continues :rlaugh:
  19. Hah, that looks very good. :)