Got killed again tonight :(

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  1. Dang Mr Woodtser 666 post :eek:
  2. He's 2 fast, 2 furious to use "Nitrous".
  3. 1. Why does it even matter. Would my location make only certain mods work? Im on east coast.
    2. Id like to keep it around a grand
    3. 87 Coupe 115K excellent condition
    4. I can hold my own in doing complete engines. Access to all tools
    5. Daily driver yes but have access to another ride for about a week
    6. So your saying Vin Diesel isnt a cool character? I thought he was the king of cool. Ill save it for elsewhere and not here thanks for tip.

    Now lead me what I can do.
  4. Because people that share the same "neck of the woods" can direct you to a turbo motor within close proximity
    I turbo'd mine for about that much
    Cool isht
    Good, good.
    He was better in other movies, it wasn't his greatest role. F&F is just a riceboy's wet dream.

    I'd say that you should fine a turbocoupe in your area, start by using this website here... search for engine out of an 86 turbocoupe, or XR4Ti. That will search junkyards in your area. If no avail, go to, register, and post a thread in the "WANTED" forum, and you should be good to go.

    Hope this helped
  5. LOL! High 18's? Are you kidding? You'd be lucky to crack a 20-something in full street trim.

    What can you do? Stop racing! Accept the fact that you have an extremely slow car.....or take these fine gentlemen's advice and do something about it. It's that easy, did you even have to ask? :D
  6. I may get Flamed hard for this but I like Vin Diesel's Movies a lot and yes his roll in F&F. But there is one thing you have to know about his line envolving NOS and that ricer blowing up ( which was my favorite part lol). That is called product placement where a company like Nitrous Oxcide Systems (NOS) payed him and the Film company to have there blue bottles lying around and for Vin to say that line. Anytime you see a major product in a movie like that its because they payed for it to be in there. If N.O.S. didn't have payed them that line if was still there probly would have said, "crap I hear my momy calling me and I gotta Jet," or " The Nitrous is going to Blow." :rolleyes:
  7. yea i thought that eclipse blowing up should have won the award at the MTV Movie Awards
  8. My favorite movie of all time for sure.

    Yes its lucky to run 18s. Probably 20s like you said.

    Its all ok as Dad has a lead on a nice V8 from a 81 Mustang. Anyone ever hear of the 4.2L V8 from 81 Stang? Thats what Im getting for like $500 running.
  9. Highway robbery...I wouldn't give 100 for a running 81 mustang v8.
  10. Who do you think your are, Crovax?
  11. I don't think NOS in a 2.3 NA is wise or safe. hahahaha. Your better off putting a stick of TNT under the hood. Atleast you will get a more exciting thrill seeing your engine blow up.

    I know I can't do much for my 2.3 NA. Of course I guess I'm getting a bit old to want to rip the treads off my tires. But what I'm doing to get some whomp from my car is, gut the catalyic (done), install a cold air intake, put in new spark plugs and wires, use premium gas (doing), replace manifold with header (trying my damnist to find one :( ), engine flush, and other little things. By the way if anyone else know some tweaks that can help, please feel free to mention them. :D
  12. Nitrous in a n/a 2.3 is not to be done without knowledge of how to do it safely, but it obviously can be done (look at bhuff and woodster).

    You're not gaining any power by using premium, you only need to use higher octane if you're getting detonation (like I do :mad: ).

  13. Whats wrong with the 81 Mustang V8? I just found out its 255cubes but about same power as the 5.0 from that year with more MPGs :D
  14. Really Ashaman! Thanks. I never knew that seriously. That will save some money at the pumps :D
  15. I love this kid. ;)

    Same power? How do you figure, it's a smaller engine.
    Better gas mileage? Not likely, it's like 20-some years old!
  16. whats wrong with the 4.2??? its only rated at 120hp
  17. Its down 10hp from the 5.0 from 1981 and gets better gas mileage than the 1981 5.0

    And I love you too ;)
  18. And my 2.3 is like 65HP if that. I know its rated at 88 but getting stomped by a Suburau with 68HP means I have wayyyyyyyyyy less than rated.

    Motor is in dads shop and will be installed this weekend. First its getting a 4bbl carb and a nice 3/4 race cam. that should get it up around 200horsies :nice:
  19. Taryn you ride horses much?
  20. Hmm...add 150 pounds to the nose and add 30hp...let me guess the outcome.