GT to Mach 1?

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  1. until you put mods on the mach...
  2. Time slip? Dyno sheet?
  3. Here is a Dyno sheet of the Mach1:
  4. Again- Mach1's aren't under-rated -Again

    An LS1 is under-rated. Most Mach1's put down 260-275rwhp, do you think the 3650 soaks up more than 15%?
  5. Go check out there are alot of guys dynoing over 275 rwhp stock. The autos are dynoing around 255-260, manuals more like 275-285. Even at 275 rwhp and considering a 15% drive train loss that puts the manual machs at about 325 FWHP. So Again as many people have stated and proven the Machs are underrated at 310hp. :flag: :flag:
  6. Wow a whole Damn 15hp I wouldn't really brag about that being under-rated. Maybe if they were under by 20 or more. It still amazes me how easy it is to play with them in my GT if not beat them.
  7. well That was based on the 275 RWHP machs alot are at 280 so that is 20 HP. And funny most of the bolt on GTs I have come across were reading my Mach1 badge hrmmm guess none of them could drive since the GT and the mach is a drivers race I guess hehe.

    My buddy who is a great driver usually out launches me but I easily pass him on the top end where the GT lacks a bit. Now from what I hear the 05 GT is a whole different animal...can't wait to test drive it!!
  8. WTF why do non-mach1 mustang owners hate on the mach1? Of course a gt can be modded to beat a stock mach1, but to smoke a mach you better be running 12s and thats just the 1/4. Hell a good set of sticky tires the mach1 is capable of 12s.
  9. Yeah, I have both, just for people like you. The dyno numbers in my sig are with the simple addition of an o/r X-pipe.
    That looks more like a dyno sheet from your GT.
    Again, yes they are, again, I get tired of hearing this **** about how "most" put down this and that, "most" only run mid 13's! BS, "most" put down 279+, except for automatics, and "most" run low 13's, with "some" getting into the 12's with just drag radials.
    Well, let's see genius, my stock dyno says 286 and change, so 286/.85=336.4, so that means it would be underrated by 31hp, does that meet your criteria, or does it have to be 50+? I used to smoke GT's like yours anytime I wanted when I was stock.

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  10. Now, Now, fight nice you guys :rlaugh:
  11. It's because most Mach1 owners act gay, they will most likely by a Vette when they turn 50. If you feel so bad ass race a Cobra, why always GT vs Mach1?

    Look at my Mods I can easily wipe a stock Mach1 does it look like I have alot? I still have a stock mid pipe. On the highway it isn't as easy but still it happens.

    I love how all Mach1 owners preach that they can run 12's stock with drag radials yeah right :bs: and no you aren't all killing LS1's. Remember I also drive a 00 SS and have given every local Mach1 a couple of chances to prove this point it is also :bs: . One of my buddies even has a O/R H-pipe and it is still no contest. A nicely driven stock Mach1 runs mid to high 13's period. Even though everyone seems to run 13.1, it's kinda funny.

    By the way if you are going to talk about Mach1registry at least mention there mods.
  12. ....
    That IS the definition of underrated. It's rated at X and the actual is X + Y. So it's UNDER rated. (Y and X are positive of course)
  13. :rlaugh: :rlaugh: :rlaugh: :rlaugh: :rlaugh: :rlaugh:
    cody you are very hostile
  14. Oh you are pathetic :rolleyes: That's probably your response to everything, "they're gay." And just for the record, I am 50, and I don't drive a Vette. Also for the record, I do race Cobra's, and I can hang with 'em pretty good now that I run some laughing gas. :D

    Personally, I think with your mods this is :bs: and you would have to prove it to me with a timeslip or something else. So far, everything you've said, you haven't been able to back up, while I have time slips, dyno sheets, etc., all you have is your big mouth.

    Again, I can back it up, what have you got??

    No problem, here's a list I took off the Mach1Registry, lists the cars, and their mods, and these are such heavily modded cars I might add :rolleyes: Again, I supply the documentation to back up my claims, you got nothing! :shrug: Of course, I guess these people are all liars since we all know that your word is the only one that counts.

    12 SECONDS
    stocklx---------(OH) Yellow '04/ M---1.720, 12.524 @ 111.68
    mods; silencer removed, filter, slicks, o/r x-pipe

    BT03mach-1 --(TX) Black- '03/ M---1.858, 12.735 @ 108.84
    mods; filter, drag radials

    mopacmach-(CAN) White- '03/ M---1.776, 12.736 @ 106.99
    mods; filter, drag radials

    Mach1Pony----(CA) Gray-- '03/ M---1.864, 12.862 @ 105.22
    mods; silencer removed, filter, drag radials

    Cdn Mach Won-(CAN) Red--- '03/ M---2.011, 12.902 @ 108.53
    mods; CAI, catted x-pipe, catback

    qwkmach1 ----(OH) Black- '03/ M---2.08_, 12.94_ @ 109.93
    mods; filter, o/r x-pipe

    ROG30Y--------(TX) White '03/ M---1.918, 12.978 @ 106.56
    mods; drag radials, aluminum driveshaft

    67bird ---------(TX) Blue-- '03/ M---1.939, 12.995 @ 106.19
    mods; drag radials

    LOW 13's
    Five Oh B-----(WA) Blue-- '03/ M---1.797, 13.015 @ 104.56
    mods; filter, drag radials

    TH3 GAME----(VA) White- '03/ M---2.070, 13.045 @ 108.05
    mods; filter, o/r x-pipe, jack and spare removed

    04azuremach (MD) Blue- '04/ M---1.973, 13.081 @ 108.63
    mods; filter, o/r x-pipe

    Fastime------(CAN) Blue-- '03/ M---1.985, 13.094 @ 104.98
    mods; filter, drag radials, catback

    TurboMach---(OH) Red--- '03/ M---2.03_, 13.09_ @ 106.62
    mods; none

    Cobralsc-------(TX)Yellow '03/ M---1.979, 13.113 @ 105.31
    mods; drag radials

    H-TownMachI (TX) Yellow '03/ M---1.955, 13.139 @ 104.50
    mods; none

    DoU12Rock----(TX) Yellow '03/ M---1.943, 13.142 @ 105.30
    mods; filter, pullies

    BlkMachWon--(OH) Black- ‘03/ M---1.945, 13.148 @ 104.46
    mods; shifter

    Jim P-----------(TX) Red--- '03/ M---2.013, 13.157 @ 106.00
    mods; filter, catback, shifter

    Mach1driver---(CA) Red--- '03/ M---1.850, 13.167 @ 104.21
    mods; silencer removed, drag radials

    Mary Jane-----(KY) Gray-- '04/ M---1.981, 13.177 @ 105.62
    mods; none

    Black98GT-----(DE) Red--- '03/ M---2.062, 13.190 @ 105.57
    mods; filter, shifter

    BigBird---------(FL) Blue--- '03/ M---2.072, 13.219 @ 105.77
    mods; none

    2K4CO--------(OH) Orange'04/ M---1.992, 13.235 @ 104.63
    mods; CAI

    THE DOCTOR-(TX) Red--- '03/ M---1.91_, 13.23_ @ 105.59
    mods; filter, drag radials

    Showtime-----(TX) Black-- '03/ M---2.027, 13.23_ @ 104.83
    mods; silencer removed, filter

    Blown86GT ---(LA) Blue--- '03/ M---2.054, 13.243 @ 106.53
    mods; drag radials

    rguy3 ----------(FL) Red--- '03/ M---2.038, 13.262 @ 105.78
    mods; none

    BigRed--------(MD) Yellow '03/ M---2.044, 13.276 @ 106.__
    mods; filter

    [email protected] ----(WI) Blue-- '03/ M---2.18_, 13.29_ @ 105.54
    mods; none

    MachRan------(MD) Blue-- '03/ M---2.15_, 13.30_ @ 106.73
    mods; filter, catted x-pipe, shifter

    bigmustangman01 (MD) Blue-- '03/ A---2.021, 13.317 @ 104.31
    mods; none

    Stang ---------(MD) Red--- '03/ M---2.047, 13.319 @ 104.40
    mods; shifter

    Craiger --------(FL) Yellow '03/ M---2.013, 13.320 @ 106.37
    mods; filter

    Dragman------(CA) Gray-- '03/ M---1.952, 13.322 @ 103.98
    mods; silencer removed, filter, shifter

    RotaryMagic---(TX) White '03/ M---2.092, 13.390 @ 104.74
    mods; none

    onebadmach1(OH) Red--- '03/ M---2.19_, 13.39_ @ 106.9_
    mods; none

    MID 13's
    Jim Vaccaro --(NY) Red--- '04/ A---2.057, 13.40_ @ 103.44
    mods; filter, reflash, aluminum driveshaft

    Mach1Penguin(NJ) Yellow- '04/ M---2.042, 13.406 @ 105.9
    mods; none

    mach1dsg-----(CA) Gray-- '03/ M---2.145, 13.411 @ 105.67
    mods; none

    white02stang (TX) Gray-- '03/ M---2.222, 13.414 @ 107.09
    mods; silencer removed, filter, o/r x-pipe

    Sapperstang--(NC) Blue-- '04/ M---2.099, 13.416 @ 104.74
    mods; none

    70mach03----(CT) Gray-- '03/ M---2.04_, 13.42_ @ 104.17
    mods; shifter
  15. TR03mach1, dont get all worked up this guy obviously cant except the fact the a mach1 will wipe the floor with a gt without major mods to the gt against a STOCK mach1. Do you really think i care what some gt owners think? I see GTs EVERYWHERE and i VERY rarly see mach1s. I used to work at lithia ford and ive driven a LOT of gts and a few mach1s. Its not even close. Not to mention the braking and suspension sytem is FAR superior on the mach.
  16. I have yet to come across a gt than can hang. I don't care if it is got bolt ons or not. I am not saying my mach is the fastest car made but come on we are comparing apples to oranges. Get real and what is the point about what is faster. What looks better?????? The mach of course. I do a crap load of street racing and also race at the track. My stock tired mach has gone 13.38 at 106 yeah that isn't fast but find me a bolt on gt to race and I will walk him tough. enjoy your day I am done. :spot:
  17. I don't see any with just DR running 12's.

    My GT runs 13.6-13.7 all day long. You are really stupid if you belive a Mach1 that runs 13.2-13.5 is going to have an easy win.

    The responses here prove my point exactly.

    A stock 03/04 Cobra is more of a match for a decent LS1 too.
  18. So what you're saying is not only are you dense, you're also blind? :shrug: I'll see if I can help you out a little bit.

    67bird ---------(TX) Blue-- '03/ M---1.939, 12.995 @ 106.19
    mods; drag radials

    ROG30Y--------(TX) White '03/ M---1.918, 12.978 @ 106.56
    mods; drag radials, aluminum driveshaft
    (I don't consider a driveshaft as much of a performance mod)

    qwkmach1 ----(OH) Black- '03/ M---2.08_, 12.94_ @ 109.93
    mods; filter, o/r x-pipe
    (no tires even mentioned)

    Cdn Mach Won-(CAN) Red--- '03/ M---2.011, 12.902 @ 108.53
    mods; CAI, catted x-pipe, catback
    (again, no tires mentioned)

    There are a couple more, but this is getting tedious.

    So where's the time slips? If your GT runs 13.6-13.7 ALL DAY LONG, then you must have quite a few, let's see 'em, otherwise :bs:

    About the only point you've made is that you're an ass, and you have some kind of issues with Mach 1's.

    A stock Cobra will walk an LS1, any time, any where, period. And I'll walk you're precious LS1 so bad, you'll think you put it in reverse.
  19. What up tr03? Here to help:D!!
    [email protected]109.32
    Mods: o/r x, cat-back, shifter

    My first car ever bringing to the track, and I ran brought it to 13.5 the second time!!!

    Now I go to the track regularly and these are the usual outcomes...

    Mach>>>>rice (or you cody)
    Mach>> ls...what????
    mach=stock cobra

    75% of the machs out there (stock or not) would clean the floor with EITHER of your cars, and I would be more than happy to do it if you ever came my way!!!