GT350 seat swap question - electronic plug?


Feb 15, 2004
Macomb, IL - 61455
Hello all,

So here's my situation. Car came with the Recaro seats and I'd rather have the leather-trimmed bucket style.

The leather-trimmed seats I'd be swapping in are heated/cooled from the factory, whereas the Recaro style is not. Do these just plug in to a harness? I'd imagine the plug is the same for both seats, does anyone know?

In theory, I have a line on a touch screen panel that has the buttons for the heated/cooled seat feature out of a 2017 but my car is 2018.

Would these seats plug into a factory port and then have the heated/cooled capability? I'd imagine that's built in the seat itself and as long as the electrical components are there and the buttons they would operate correctly.

Any help & feedback would be greatly appreciated. Thank you!

William Kramer


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Feb 18, 2001
There are various modules that need to be installed/programmed for the heated/cooled seats. You also need to turn on the various features in control modules. You can simply turn it on with the screen you have now. Gone are the days of plug and play.

it can be done however, using FORScan. How exactly is tough to explain. You’ll want to do some research here.

you might need to add the wiring harness under the seat however. I ran into this same issue when installing a heated steering wheel on my ‘14 Taurus. I had to install a harness, the steering wheel and clockspring and then install a module, program it via Forscan, and turn on the heated wheel button on my factory touchscreen.