H/C/I swap..Need help on other mods & buys

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  1. No but i may have smoked one to many JOINTS....LOL
  2. Lets see, a few thousand dollars and 8 hours and even you can turn a 5.0l into a 350+ HP motor...thats what you need to get 300rwhp. But the motor wont get you down the track without the rest of the set up. Hell it took my 14 hours to do a motor swap by myself, that was driving it in and driving it out, that bumped me to 248rwhp and I just got a simple XE3 motor, to me thats simple. Changing gears, seting up the rear pinion angle, stiffining the chassis, lightening the car, all these things are more involved.
    By the way, Mike said he could run 11's with just minor mods...thats what I have been disagreeing with all along.
  3. Come on we will all disagree with that!!! :rlaugh: :rlaugh:
    Well at this point I THINK WE ARE BOTH TO HARD HEADED TO GIVE....Agree to disagree??? :bang: :bang: :bang: :bang: :bang:

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  4. WHAT???

    Come on man....i never said that 11s were minor mods away...maybe chassis mods.

    This conversation is over

    Everyone and there mother knows it takes some work to get a 5.0 to make 300 rwhp.

    Getting that 300 to the ground with slicks..gears..upper/lowers==11s.
    Other chassis mods help.

    Lets not blow this up anymore than it has been.

    I never said a 5.0 cloud go 11s with MINOR MODS.
  5. I guess you need to go back and read what you wrote...
  6. Minor Suspension Mods And Slicks Are Pretty Simple.
  7. GEars, car set-up, safety are not. Not to mention reliability.
  8. Ok sorry man.....your right.

    Anyway...if you have 300rwhp and the traction and the driver....then 11s are within reach if you have the right setup.

    Is that ok SIR.

    Sorry SIR.
  9. By the way how much you want for those gears and auburn...pm me please?
  10. I was talking about the hp to weight ratio. Thats all. Calm down Chief.
  11. Actually I am selling the whole car. Maybe I should clarify that...but I can't modify my sig without removing a lot of it...
  12. How much for the 4.10s
  13. I never did see the weight of that car but LX 5.0 and they even ran it with the hatch off one time to see how quick they could go.
  14. Oh well i am tired of talking about it. 300 rwhp is enough power for a stang that weighs 3200 or less to go 11s.....properly setup!

    There now can we erase all the craptalking.LOL
  15. Still selling the whole car... :)
  16. Damn talk about hijacking a thread! I feel sorry for latham83. I clicked on here to get some good info esp cuz i saw how long it was only to see a bunch of flaming....
  17. sorry...its over

  18. If you are getting the heads with .590 springs in them then you could get 1.7s and a cam of your choice....Also there are many cams out there that will give you more power than the e or b cams. But if you want to keep your stock cam thats cool to. They actually arent that bad when paired up with a good set of roller rockers. The stock rockers are crap. If you have the motor all apart and you are buying new parts anyway...get the roller rockers regardless of whether or not you buy a cam. Also hardened pushrods are a good upgrade to any valvetrain..

    But the e and b cams are still good if you get a good deal on one. But if you are paying full price for a cam i wouldnt get a ford cam.

    Sorry for all the crap that was on the last 4 pages......we had ourselves a little scrap... but its all done now.