Hatchback Lock Mechanism Bracket Replacement Hardware?

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  1. I am in the process of swapping out the hatch on my 93 LX and I had removed the lock/latch mechanism that is secured with 4 bolts to the underside of the hatch however I cannot locate them for the life of me now...I poked around latemodelresto, americanmuscle, cjs pony, etc. for replacement hardware but did not find anything. Does anyone know where I can get replacement hardware or even an entire lock/latch assembly for a hatchback including the hardware?
  2. Dude I pulled that off that 87 I had for a hot minute for a guy and he never came for it. Let me see if I still have it and I'll send it to you
  3. I really only need the 4 bolts that secure the latch to the underside of the hatch but if you have all of it I'll take it!
  4. I'll be home later this afternoon and will see if I can find it. It was all in a ziplock
  5. Pricey, I have the assembly I just need the 4 bolts that secure it (or the correct thread/pitch on the bolts and I'll just go get some at the hardware store). Does anyone have the thread/pitch on these guys?
  6. If @hoopty5.0 doesn't come through I have a hatch that is getting ready to be scrapped that should have those bolts in it.
  7. Thanks I really appreciate it, Hoopty said he's going to have to look through his garage to locate them so if you do have them we can save him some time and possibly effort in cleaning his garage up lol.
  8. He needs to clean his garage anyway the dust from all his sanding is surely piling up! lol. I'll be out in the garage tomorrow after work and at the very least can let you know the thread pitch right away. I can send them out to you if you would like. Just say the word
  9. If you find them and could let me know the thread size & pitch that would be perfect, I'll just get some fresh stainless hardware for it!
  10. I found 3 of the 4 bolts last night. Not sure where the 4th could be, but I'll send you what I have. Lemme keep digging, but if you want to PM me your shipping info, Ill get it in the mail tomorrow
  11. Awesome I really appreciate it.