HDR Images: Learn and share your work...

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  1. jrossman,

    I am using a nex-5 as well., are you using the auto HDR? or setting the range?
    The scenery is awesome!!
  2. A little over the top, but HDR is so much fun to play with. Fresh coat of Turtle Wax Black Box wax kit prompted this photo.

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  4. Some of those look pretty cool will. Some are too dark though IMO.
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  5. Not really HDR but I did go pretty heavy with the post processing

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  6. Not bad. If you have a tripod, crank the iso down down to 100 so there's less noise (unless you added the extra grain to the pic intentionally)
  7. Ye

    Thanks, the noise was intentional and looks much better at the actual size, once you resize it down and post it on the internet everything sort of interpolates down and looks a bit harsh. I didn't mind it given the sorta dark overpass look.

  8. one thing I do for image sharing is first make sure the image is being saved as a PNG file instead of JPEG and then host it at imgur which offers uncompressed/lossless quality photo hosting/sharing.
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  9. Technically not HDR, but it still pops.

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