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  1. some from yesterday...

  2. Here's a few of my recent ones. I try to keep them fairly realistic now a days, though the first dock door one is a bit over the top.

    4498801968_4debbc2bef.jpg 4482224669_15a83dfc55.jpg

  3. Where's all the mustangs??


    Sorry I have none to contribute. I parted ways with my GT before I got into photography... With any luck, I can post HDR's of a new 5.0 in a few months or so.

    This is after a fresh coat of some (borrowed) expensive Wolfgang wax.. Not bad for a 12 year old car

    Click picks to embiggen




    Minimum effect on this one

  4. My new ride...

    2011 5.0 Race Red California Special... 6spd, 3.73s,Nav, sec pkg, comfort pkg, HID's

    ....first mod on the UPS truck for delivery Tuesday... Borla ATAK cat-back.


  5. Another one without the front plate...

  6. I read through most of this thread i think and I don't think anybody showed how to do this with photoshop in just a few easy steps.

    1 - Open your photo in photoshop. Leave the original layer alone and do all your work on your layer "copy". In this case it's "Background Copy". Make sure that "Background Copy" or your duplicate layer is highlighted. (Highlighted blue shown in my pics).


    2 - Duplicate Layer - Click on the "arrows" in the top right corner of your Layers Window...then click on "Duplicate Layer" on the drop down menu.


    3 - Desaturate Layer - Press and hold "Shift" and "Ctrl" at the same time while pressing the "U" key. Now all the color is removed from your photo.


    4 - Invert Layer - Press and hold "Ctrl" while pressing the "I" key. Now your B&W image is inverted.


    5 - Gaussian Blur Layer - Click on "Filter" at the top, then click on "Blur" on the drop down menu, then click on "Gaussian Blur" on the next drop down menu.


    6 - Gaussian Blur Layer - After clicking on "Gaussian Blur" the Gaussian Blur window will open. Move the slider (see red arrow) up to about 45-55%. You can experiment with the % on this depending on your photo. I usually use about 55%, just depends on how it looks.


    7 - Layer Effect "Overlay" - Finally click on the drop down menu arrow (see red arrow at top) on your layer window then move down the list to "Overlay" and click on that. That's it!


    8 - Flatten Image - Now to be able to see the difference, shut your layer copy on and off a couple times to be able to compare the original layer with the HDR style layer copy on and off. This pic isn't as dramatic as most I've done but it this procedure definately brings out the details in the dark and shaded areas the way it's supposed to. A lot depends on detail and the right lighting. If you're happy with the effect, flatten the image for your final HDR pic. Click on "Layer" at the top and then click on "Flatten Image" towards the bottom of the drop down menu. See red arrows.


    Make sure to save this file under a new name so you don't save over the top of your original file.

  7. that's just basic level correction. Real HDR work still requires going into photoshop and manually tweaking the various images using the layer masking but also your work is centered around the tonemapped HDR result of the 3~5 images you shot with that something like photomatix spits out.
  8. Well it get's "the look" close and for free I think it's a pretty good alternative to spending money. Anyways, just sharing for those who may have photoshop and want a creative alternative.
  9. I have CS, not CS5. I will check to see if it is something I can do in CS.
  10. Here is one of mine that I did in Photomatic and touched up with PS CS2

  11. wow someone needs to restore that old beaut!
  12. Finally got my car!

    Here's the only TRUE HDR I've taken using 3 shots


    And a couple of faux hdr using photomatix 4's single shot render (works quite well as long as you shoot in RAW and get good exposure (a little over exposure seems to help)


  13. AWESOME pictures. AWESOME.
  14. MoAr

    Interior shot and lowered.





  15. Wow, those are amazing!! I have all of the right tools, I just can't use 'em!!
  16. Here we go. I put the boss/CS front and rear fascia's on as well as the boss lower splitter.

    Some black and white HDR renders in here as well.

    Camera gear for those interested: Canon T2i, Sigma 30mm f1.4 lens, Sigma 8-16mm lens and canon 17-200mm lens.












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  17. My fisrt try at it. 2012 Mustang

    So after realizing I my Camera has the HDR mode i decided to try it out. I really dont want to spend money on photoshop, even though I would really like to have it. this is my first HDR and using a basic came with camera editor.

    It was getting to be dusk so tomorrow I will try to capture the Lava Red


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