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  1. Okay, I posted on the parts forum lookin for a dbl hump tranny xmember to fit the lovely headmans, but failing salvation from that forum, what works? I read on here were someone swapped drivers to passengers side, but that just moves the problem area for me, and I'd have to re drill to accept the tranny any way. I am working on an almost nil budget, so low buck engineering is my main option -- if I grind clearance will the mount still be strong enough??? thanx again -- mike.
  2. You maybe able to box it to restore the strength, but just grinding the clearence would weaken it too much in my experience. I have a double hump tranny cross member off the car right now I could take pictures and/or measurements of if you need a reference for fabrication.
  3. I used a single-hump crossmember by turning it around and cutting a new hole in the crossmember with a torch on the driver's side. Ugly but it's solid, and it fits the Hedmanns just fine this way. I'll post pics when I get home tonight.
  4. What I did was to take the tranny crossmember out of the car after marking where the exhaust needed to go through at. Then I build another hump and welded it to the crossmember where I needed the clearance. Then I cut out the old section that caused the problem, presto! double hump crossmember with hardly no measuring needed.
  5. Guess I'm okay as long as MadMark doesn't see this. . . :rolleyes:



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  6. You have two single humps. So do what I did. Make a jig. Cut the" hump" off the unuseable crossmember ( the one you torched holes in ) and weld it to the good one. PRESTO-- a double hump. A small amount of offset is required between the two , but with some grinding and welding you can make it look good.
  7. Damn. I'm doing that next time. :nice: