Headlights/dashlights flicker

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  1. I've noticed lately my headlights and dashlights kind of flicker, and tonight my dashlights didn't look as bright as they normally do. :shrug:
  2. bad ground ,loose connection, alternator not charging to spec, battery or even voltage regulator. you need to have the elec system load tested..
  3. Most common cause in a II is lack of battery to vehicle chassis/body ground.

    Not that it would apply to a '74, but the original body ground on a 302 car was a tab soldered to the battery cable, which then screws to the firewall. Battery cable gets replaced, ground tab doesn't get replaced, poor ground path is the result.
  4. You know I have a voltage regulator guage and it's been out of whack lately. I think last time the reason was... something was touching something... lol I don't remember but that could be whats messing it up..
  5. high or low?
  6. Megan, Do you have a ground strap from the engine block to the firewall? If not could be your problem. I had a similar issue awhile back but with mine the headlights would go all the way out then back on. That ended up being the floor dimmer switch going bad.
  7. Define flicker.

    A regular pulsing, or intermittant and/or random.
  8. Its like.... a surge like the get kinda dim then normal kinda dim then normal every few seconds.
  9. Sounds like the charging system... like the regulator is not being very consistant. Just a thought... :shrug:

    Could also be a sign of a battery getting weak, if it's up ther in age.
  10. Does it get brighter if you rev the motor?
  11. No just replaced the battery.... I guess I could go toy around with some stuff.... lol Uh oh that doesnt sound like a good idea.... hehe
  12. Hmm not sure I'll check into that.

  13. At regular intervals?

  14. Is that the best you can do?

    I'm waiting for either you or Pro Builder to offer anything of substance.

    Don't tell me your going to be 0 - 4 without a battle?

    I'll give you a hint:


    The hints the most likely answer.
  15. Yeah its kinda regular intervels. It doesnt seem to be doing it as much now though. hmm...

  16. That would fit the pattern.
  17. I know you have a late model engine, what year is the alternator and what year is the regulator?
  18. Ok this might be part of my cars problem. Does anyone have a pic of where the block to chassis and the battery to chassis bonding straps should be? I have no dash instuments except RPM and MPH.

  19. That could be caused by the "voltage regulator" ont he back of hte cluster.
  20. IIs never had a block to chassis ground, other than the batt cable. The chassis ground was through the batt cable at the firewall, just below the pinchweld near the pass side hood hinge. The cable then continued to the block, thereby providing both grounds through one cable.

    **The above applies to 302 cars. I have not spent any time examining the 2.3 or 2.8 cars' cable setups.**

    In this handler pic, the ground tab is in the orange circle.

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