Headlights/dashlights flicker

Discussion in '1974 - 1978 Mustang II Talk & Tech' started by Eos, Sep 4, 2005.

  1. Go for it Woman!!

    Don't let anyone reassign the value or meaning of your name.

    Only you can do that, and if it's not an acronym then Damnit, It's not an acronym.


    It's a mating dance/ dominant Male thing.

    You don't think it would happen if your name was Bart, do you??

  2. Well, if it is 'flickering' it's time to do the bad connection chase.

    If it's pulsing I've given a key clue as to the probable cause.

    Back in the day wild swings and pulsing voltage was a common problem.

    But if it was a loose belt (?) ??

  3. Don't know, may be a matter of perspective ....

    I bet their firm!
  4. If I read the history of EOS right in greek mythology, the Greek Goddess sounded like a cheating 2-timing greek dicktease.... hmmmmm

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  5. Well i think that part of the whole problem.... What the heck is her idea of something that flickers? To some a fast pulsing could be a slow flicker too...

    Tighten you damn belt and then let us know if it persists.

    Matter of fact.... if it persists, take the whole car down to Schucks or whoever and have the alternator tested 'in the car'. Hopefully that will rule out the alternator. though i still think it could be in the regulator... :shrug:
  6. :rlaugh: I didn't know the full history of her when chosing the name. I just knew her assigned job on mt. olympus. I thought that was honorable. lol
  7. Well?? What , still no answer?? Maybe I was lookin for an easy one.( answer that is ) Maybe you are wondering yourself.?? I agree with POWER SURGE !!If you don't want to help then WHY reply at all?? I have enough of a half brain to know you are a DICK !! or you just like it. Or maybe, just maybe you like to get people riled up so you can sit @ your computer and spank the monkey. SICKKO