Suspension Help removing seized bolt (Lower Rear Control Arm)

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  1. Ok, so I am trying to do the torque box reinforcement kit and put on my poly U&L control arms. The only thing that has stopped me, is a freaking bolt that is seized to the bracket. It the bottom bolt on the lower control arm (right behind the rear hub). At this point, I have broke my breaker bar, ratchet and my impact socket. I have been told to cut it off, but I don't want to do that, then have an issue of getting the stud out of the middle.

    Anyone ever ran into this?

    What are some efficient options?

    Thanks in advance for your time and responses!
  2. Have you tried heating it up?
  3. Those can be a real PITA to get out. What works for me is a combination of:

    1) soaking the bolts and nuts with PB blaster for a few days prior
    2) Heating the bolt end up ( where the nut goes on) until it glows red and spraying PB blaster into the thread where the nut goes on then immediately
    3) using an impact gun

    Sometimes actually tightening the bolt will help loosen it up too. Worse case is cut/torch the nut off and hammer the bolt through the other end.
  4. big F'in hammer... PB blaster... and a torch...

    heat up everything you can other then the bolt... hit the exposed threads with PB blaster... let it soak for a bit. heat it up again. spray it down again... let it soak. heat it up and beat the exposed threaded side with a hammer.
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  5. If you directly heat up the bolt then the bolt will expand too and that will not help you out. Like SRT said, heat up AROUND it, soak it, repeat then hit it like Ike.
  6. More that likely the bolt is stuck in the sleeve of the control arm, i've seen this a numerous amount of times. The fastest way to take care of this in my opinion is to slide a sawzall inbetween the control arm and bracket and go to town. the blade will run along the side of the bracket not damaging it and will cut through the bolt in a matter of a minute or so. you have new control arms anyway so just toss your old ones in the scrap heap. Probably a good chance to upgrade to new 1/2" grade 8 hardware.
  7. X2 what 84Ttop said. Had that problem last year on my F350 when I replaced the spring/shackle bushings with polys. Ended up cutting bolt heads off w/Sawzall, they were frozen to the bushing sleeves. Luckily, Bronco Graveyard had a new set of grade 8 bolts as a kit for leaf spring trucks. You may have to cut both sides if the sleeve/bolt doesn't come out with a little encouragement. A little anti sieze on the bolts goes a long way during reassembly.
  8. This seams like the less painful thing to do. I already have all the grade 8 hardware, as the Control Arms I purchased came with it. I just can't wait to get this done so it will feel like a solid car once again.

    Thank you everyone for your responses, and I will let everyone know how it goes. I am going to get at it next weekend, since this weekend I am going to Lincoln for my Husker Spring Game! WOOT!