Here It Is: Uncamouflaged!

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  1. Or with the lights and no front plate.

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  2. I'm with you man. That was the best post in StangNet history.

    Although a rear wing could be functional...
  3. good observation.
  4. anyone out there claiming to be a mustang lover that doesnt like that car should be is freaking beautiful! The front end is so 60's its not even funny, by far the best looking mustang since the 70's.
  5. I always loved the concepts and still do enjoy the new pictures :D That is one hot car :hail2:
  6. I cant wait, this new stang is just sweet! I hope that pic is the real deal.

    2 more years, and I will hopefully have an 06' Cobra in my sig.
  7. I can't speak for anyone else but I said I liked the front end even on the de cammoed spy shots. I did not like the rear end so much. Something we can't see here and I have already said in this thread that's something that I need to see.
    So this "everyone" still has their mind made up that I like it for the most part and want to see how it looks from the rear to say 100% yea or nay. And honestly if somebody says they don't like it one day and then sees a shot of it the next day they do like it's their perogative to waffle back and forth on wether they like it or not. In the end the choice is up to them so long as they aren't crying bloody murder either way I don't see the harm.
    All in good fun of course.

    And maniac the only reason I questioned the validity of this is because I wouldn't mind the car looking that way and I don't want to get my hopes up if it's not true. I'm not questioning Brad(something you seem to relish doing) I just question whether his source is being forth right and honest. Bama isn't presenting this as if it's 100% DEFINATELY the real car. He's doing what a lot of people with privleged info do that don't want to sit on it for no reason. He's saying hey I have a source that says they got this pic I don't know if it's legit or not but here it is. There's not a single thing wrong with that.
  8. it definately looks MUCH cleaner without the driving lights..i dont like them at all.

    And we still need pics of the rear!
  9. you gotta to understand that this is the same forum that questioned the official photos of the inst. cluster. they went on for pages saying it might be illegit. only when bama told them its at SEMA as they speak.
  10. SWEEEET! That thing have a HEMI? :D
  11. can someone photoshop that thing so it looks nice?? maybe put it with a cool background too so we can put it as a nice clean wallpaper?? i know its askin a lot but i would really like to see it.
  12. haha, i love those Ram commercials. The latest one where the loser is serving the guy in the Ram at the drivethru is great. A little off topic, sorry.
  13. I just think the car could have looked alittle more agressive up front
  14. The more I see the '05, the more it looks like a BMW...
  15. HUH? Maybe it's just me. But I'm not seeing any BMW in the mustang.
  16. bmw?? :scratch:
    are you eating a pretzel? drinking a beer with a stein?
    what invaded your brainwaves to make you think BMW?
  17. It's a feeling :D I'd say mainly the front...
  18. ok... I think I know why... I grew up in Europe and the only cars I remember having this positioning of the lights and that slant in front are the late 80's early 90's BMW.
  19. if it resembles any car in my opinion it would be a delorean. don't ask me why but thats my feeling on it.
  20. First off i agree that the scoops should only be there if funcional on the hoot. Second of all if you dont like the spoiler that is why it is called an option you dont have to have it. I personally thing spoilers make most cars look better and finish out the shape of the car. Therefore i will get on on n e car i buy granted anything above 6 inches is ricey