Here It Is: Uncamouflaged!

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  1. 50+ uncamouflaged photos?
  2. Your wish is my command...
  3. 50+ total
  4. I still need to see one with my own eyes before I make a judgment
  5. thank god im not the only one who thought the hood looked really bubbly. i noticed it in the spy shots and thought "maybe im just a freak" but now i know somebody is with me. even with the bubble hood....i love the concept and i have loved every spy shot and i love this new picture. if i had money i'd most definetly get one
  6. God please oh PLEASE let the finished product look this good. If indeed this is a real pic, and not a photochop (all the aliasing makes me wonder), then I am happy. This will be a hard car to resist in a couple years. It looks better than all the spy shots I've seen (which I thought looked good too). All anti-retro people be damned...this IS the best looking new car I have seen in a very long time. I've never been so exctited about the release of a new car. It's about time they started making cars that look different.

    It seems like aerodynamics have caused every car to look the same these days. The front end of a Camaro looks quite a bit like the front end of a 300M, Sebring et al. Through the 80's, the front of a Mustang, Taurus, Escort, Tempo all looked very similar. In the 60's a Mustang did not look like a Turino, a Camaro did not look like an Impalla, and a GTO did NOT look like a Gran Prix.

    Hat's off to Ford for bringing back the design that made the car popular. I just hope the trend continues, and we see a wicked looking Camaro in a few years that when you look at it, you say "Yes. THAT is a Camaro." Or maybe a new Charger. C'mon Dodge, you've been giving us musclecar guys the cold shoulder for the last 30 years...time to make use of that new HEMI.

    Ford is going to sell these things like friggin hotcakes. Even the PT cruiser, which is basically a Neon with different sheetmetal was a popular car when it was released. Eventually the retro novelty wore off, and sales dropped, but with the Mustang, I think it will be different. The Mustang is not some el cheapo 4 banger econocar. It is a solidly built performance machine, and that alone will sell it. But I honestly don't think that the retro of the new Mustang is a novelty that will wear off anyway. It was an awesome design in the 60's and it is an awesome design today. I don't remember 1940's surf-wagons (what the PT Cruiser is based on) being very popular to the mass market, but the Mustang was a huge seller, and therefore, I think that the general public will like the '05.

  7. Yeah, I need shot and you need glasses.
  8. What statement, if any, did Ford issue with this pic?
  9. it's in a sealed envelope. when opened, it's going to read..."66Satellite, I told you so."
  10. I went down to a Ford dealership when I went down to my home town over the weekend and was planning on asking if they had received any photos of the 2005 Production Car but they had 4 Roush Mustangs there, one with a Shaker Hood just like mine, and I forgot all about it. :doh: But the salesperson let me test drive this pretty orange Roush so I don't have any regrets. (It sucks though that he had to come with me...)

    My question would be, who e-mailed it to them? It might not have been something that Ford issued. It could have been leaked by someone who works at Ford or perhaps it was sent to them by someone who is not connected to Ford at all. (Am I going to regret saying that last part?)
  11. Lol.

    Hey foghorn, the Mopar rumor mill is now saying 05 Charger, not 06. 500HP. Should be at the Detroit show in January to steal a bit of thunder from the Mustang and Vette.

    Now, isn't this fun?
  12. why do you care fanboy?
  13. Actually, I only care that you care about whether I care or not...
  14. The story I got is that the photo was mailed to some dealerships with several other documents regarding the 2005 linuep. The dealership that sponsors my site is the largest Ford dealership in the state. They sell SVTs and Roushes, but they didn't get the photo. The person that sent it to me scanned the Mustang photo and sent it to me. If it isn't real, I don't understand why someone would go through the trouble to make a photo like this, which looks IDENTICAL to every test mule we've seen, and send it all over the web without wanting credit for the photoshop work. If by some small chance it isn't "legitimate," it's EXTREMELY close to what we'll see in Detroit.
  15. well, if you want to instigate something, pm me.
    i don't see why you are here when you have no interest in purchasing a mustang. go find your charger in a mopar, cough, i meant daimler/chrysler forum.
  16. Well, I don't doubt that it is "real" if by real you mean it came from someone at Ford. All I said is that a reliable source said that the B&W photo shown in this thread is quite close but that it's not a totally accurate depiction of the final product. But we're only six weeks away from knowing for sure, anway...

    Foghorn, trust me, I really don't care what you think about whether I should be here or not, though I am slightly amused that you seem to pop up whenever I post here. But really, I'm not trying to instigate anything. This is the internet. If you don't like my posts, don't read them. Can we leave it at that?

    I am, for the record, extremely interested in buying a Mustang or some newer Detroit built RWD V8 car in the relatively near future, but I'm just not going to buy new when they depreciate so rapidly. The Mustang has got to be one of the greatest used car values of all time--they are cheap, durable, easy to work on and the aftermarket support is awesome. If I had liked any of the Fox platform cars just a bit more I would be driving one now.
  17. Just wondering - is the '05 production Stang unveiling at NAIAS confirmed, or is it just speculation?

    I agree that logic would dictate this to be the case - being that this will be the last NAIAS before the car hits the dealerships next year.


  18. :nice:
  19. Ha, ha. Brad yelled at you. :p :rlaugh:
  20. That's about what I was expecting it to look like, and I'm definately looking forward to somebody leaking some photos of the rear end as well. Now, about that bubble hood... Erm... there has to be a reason for the hood line to be so high, as I'm not sure that's just from the angle. Can't see a reason for a hood like that on the GT, unless it's a "special edition" GT with the 390hp S/C motor (something I hope Ford will offer as an option).