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  1. Man, now what to wait for?!?!

    Just be happy and get he GT? Or wait for all the juicy bits in the Cobra(namely IRS and 400hp+)


    Wait for a GT500 or Shelby Cobra or Boss???? AHHHHHH!!!!
  2. Good god, I have so much wood it hurts.:drool:
  3. us classic guys know how gp gets uppity about his six speeds :)
  4. OMG That Shelby is awesome! :jaw: I want it now
  5. I hope that Shelby comes out. That looks Effin' SWEET.....
  6. :stupid:

    Yeah, that things is friggen sweet, I'm liking the '05 more and more.
  7. i see two new pics that wasnt there, that icon should be laughing at you
  8. Well its definitly looking really good now. I really like the styling of the exterior and the interior. Ford came through in the end after all. BUT what about the performance. I seriously hope that MT's "estamted" claims of 0-60 in 5.2 sec and the 1/4 in 13.9 @ 104 is a low expectation. New stock GT's can come close to doing that now, with some actaully meeting or beating those numbers. Im hoping for atleast mid to low 13's.
  9. Estimated, as in I guess they haven't tested it yet...

    but when it comes to real world tests they do...
    If car magazines are getting 13.9s
    Count on them being lower...
    THey have grandma drivers. (at least MT and C/D)

    What was their times on a current GT?
    14.3-14.5? (13.8 Capable)
    They had a Cobra @ something like 13.4 (12.8 Capable)

    So look for 13.7-13.4 (not shabby)
    I just hope they have 3.55s or at least as an option
  10. That engine looks dirty....and really odd for some reason.
  11. That Shelby pic does look sweet but it looks like it was photochoped or something. It just doesn't look right.

    I could be wrong. :shrug:
  12. V6 powa! 200hp... lol
  13. Looks like crap on wheels.
  14. It was photochopped. If you read the article it talks about shelby wanting to end his car building career with Ford. I think what they're talking about may be the GT500Es and the 65 GT350s that he is bringing out again, but it could mean on a new car. :shrug:
  15. wonder if a LT1 cold air intake will fit the 3v engine. looks about the same.

    :banana: :banana: :banana:


  17. attention to detail...

    ...look at the bottom right of the picture. "photo illustration by antoine..."
  18. Also, can you please post scans of the Hot Rod issue?

  19. I just got the new February Hot Rod issue, and the pics look even better in person. :nice: