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  1. i guess all the crying about the "spy" photos not being the final version can be laid to rest.

    yay Ford! i love this car. bring on the special editions and cobras! man i cant wait.
  2. I know they are trying to be retro, but the raised white lettering on the tires makes the car look like someone's 84 Monte Carlo. :notnice:
  3. I merged all of the Hotrod and Motor trend threads together to make life a bit easier.
  4. Well that settles it jay, I'm getting white letters... :p
  5. I agree. The V6 may actually provide more prifit per car than the GT, but the GT creats an image that sells V6 cars. They work hand in hand.

  6. I only say that because a guy I used to work with drove a totally beat Monte that he thought was the baddest ride in town. And of course he had the raised white letter tires on the 14" rims. Not a fan.
  7. did this guy by chance have a mullet?

  8. He did at one point. Not anymore though.